PowerTrace Serial 4 GigaByte MPC57xx/SPC5


PowerTrace Serial 4 GigaByte MPC57xx/SPC5

Product number: LA-3545
Out of production

Serial Trace Port Controller with 4 Giga Byte Trace Memory
for MPC57xx/SPC5

Required converter:
- Samtec34 on target requires LA-3871:
Converter Samtec40 HSTP+AUTO26+JTAG14 to Samtec34
including Samtec 34-pin flex extension cable

- Samtec22 on target requires LA-3872:
Converter Samtec40 HSTP+AUTO26+JTAG14 to Samtec22
including Samtec 22-pin flex extension cable

requires PowerDebug II Ethernet or PowerDebug PRO

Host requirements:
USB 3.0 or 1000 MBit Ethernet interface,
4.0 GigaByte RAM

voltage range 0.15V to 1.25V

This product is discontinued and not available for purchase.
Superseded by LA-3302 Trace for MPC57xx/SPC5 via PTS 4GB (PACK)
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Extend the PowerTrace Serial 4 GigaByte MPC57xx/SPC5

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The following licenses can be added to the product to support debug and/or tracing of other core architectures.