Multicore Debugging

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TRACE32 Multicore Strategy

Multicore Debugging
Debugger for all cores of a multicore chip
Debugging of application cores, DSPs, accelerator cores and special-purpose cores
Debugging of more than 80 core architectures
Support for every multicore topology
Support for all multicore operation modes
Support for AMP and SMP systems
Single debug hardware can be licensed for all cores of a multicore chip

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Technical Support
Video: Synchronized AMP Debugging with ARM® and Nios®-II
JTAG Switcher for multi-chip and multi-core debugging


TRACE32 Multicore Strategy

Lauterbach has supported debugging and tracing of multi-core chips for more than 15 years.

A long-standing aim for Lauterbach has been to make its TRACE32 hardware and software as flexible as possible. Every core combination, every multicore topology, every multicore operation mode, and even the most complex debug and trace infrastructures are all supported by TRACE32.

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