NIOS II Debugger

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IDE - Integrated Development Environment
Trace Extension
Application Note

NIOS II Debugger
Easy high-level and assembler debugging
Interface to all compilers
Interface to all hosts
Fast download
Display of internal and external peripherals at a logical level
Flash programming
Onchip breakpoints and trigger supported
Multiprocessor/multicore debugging
Trace and trigger extension possible
Reprogramming of the SOPC is possible by debugger
Lauterbach provides a full-featured NIOS-II debugger if a debugging logic is included in the SOPC.

Additionally, it is possible to provide trace functionality, subject to the condition that a trace logic is added.

Download Demo Software
Video: Synchronized AMP Debugging with ARMĀ® and NiosĀ®-II

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IDE - Integrated Development Environment


Trace Extension

  • Up to 8 GByte trace memory
  • up to 1024 MFrames
  • Target voltage 0.4 .. 5.2 V
  • 20/5 ns time stamp
  • Full support for trigger and filter features
  • Recontruction of trace gaps in the case of an overflow of the internal FIFO
  • Performance analysis
  • Function and task run-time measurement
  • Code coverage
  • Discrete instruction and data trace



Adaptation for Nios II


Application Note

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