Social Commitment

The embedded tools company

Social Commitment

With our business, we have major impact on the developement of technology and embedded designs.
At the same time, we attach importance to our social responsability and to integrate the company into society.  


Munich Network

Munich Network is an association of technology companies as well as an ecosystem of scientific research institutions, equity investors, financial service providers, consultancies and entrepreneurial personalities. In this network technology entrepreneurs are linked with each other as well as with industry leaders, users, research and development organizations, investors exceeding regional and national borders and provide them platforms equipped with the best resources of experience, knowledge, ideas, talents and capital.


Stifterverband is a unique, highly respected institution focused on the future. Stifterverband's work centres on creating a productive and open knowledge society. Its goal is to work together effectively with universities, institutes and companies, allowing homegrown talent to be developed to its full potential and new ideas to be brought to fruition.


Buergerstiftung Muenchen Land

This foundation wants to support the population of Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn, Aying, Brunnthal, Hohenbrunn and Ottobrunn with different encouragements (e.g. research and development, education and formation or nature protection). Lauterbach helps with this engagement to improve people's live in all areas.


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