AUTO26 Whisker for CombiProbe


AUTO26 Whisker for CombiProbe

Product number: LA-4553

AUTO26 Whisker for CombiProbe suitable for TriCore and dsPIC
with 26-pin automotive connector,
supporting DAP (DAP2, DAP3, DAP4, DAPWide), JTAG, DXCPL/DXCM.

For optimal performance, we recommend using a DAP mode.
DAP streaming is supported for TriCore (in DAP mode)
and works most effectively with DAPWide (up to 320 Mbit/s).
For DXCPL/DXCM, you will likely require the CAN-Box (LA-3889) as well.

Voltage Range: 1.8V to 5.0V.
Debug Clock Frequency: 10 kHz to 160 MHz
Target Connector: AUTO26, AUTO20, AUTO10

Requires a CombiProbe or CombiProbe 2.

For dsPIC only JTAG is supported and
the converter LA-2773 to the 8-pin Microchip connector
is recommended.

Please note that TriCore SoCs usually support only 3.3V or 5V in DAP
mode. Debug clock frequency in JTAG mode is typically limited to 40
MHz on TriCore SoCs (while up to 160 MHz is supported in DAP mode).

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