Conv. Intel MIPI60-Cv2 to ARM MIPI34


Conv. Intel MIPI60-Cv2 to ARM MIPI34

Product number: LA-2727

Converter from Intel MIPI60-Cv2 to MIPI34 pin-out on target

Converts termination scheme Intel
(50 Ohm parallel termination at receiver)
to termination scheme ARM
(50 Ohm series termination at sender)

Support for JTAG/SWD

Maps Intel specific debug signals to MIPI34 pins.
Default mapping:
Intel PREQ ->
DBGREQ (pin 18 on MIPI34)

Intel PRDY ->
DBGACK (pin 20 on MIPI34)

Intel HOOK6 (PMODE) ->
RTCK (pin 12 on MIPI34)

Intel HOOK0 (PowerGood) ->
BCE (pin 14 on MIPI34)

Intel HOOK7 (ResetOut) ->
RESET (pin 10 on MIPI34)

TVREF (trace reference voltage) ==
DVREF (debug reference voltage)

For other possible options,
please contact Lauterbach.

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