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C166 Family Real-Time Trace
  • 66 MHz Trace
  • Up to 4 GByte trace memory
  • 16...256 MFrames
  • Multiplexed and Non-Mulitplexed
  • Support for C166-CBC
  • Support for C161, C165, C167
Technical Support for
C166 Family Real-Time Trace
C166 Monitor
  • Compatible with Emulator
  • Support for C,C++ and ASM
  • Communication via Eprom Simulator
  • Communication via RS232 or customized .DLL link
  • Support for Keil, Tasking and GNU
  • Monitor Code with Source
  • Monitor Code Royalty Free
Technical Support for
C166 Monitor
      FAQ for C166 Monitor
SIM Instruction Set Simulators
  • Easy high-level and assembler debugging
  • Interface to all compilers
  • Trace Buffer
  • Powerful script language
  • Software compatible to all TRACE32 tools
  • Hardware simulation
Technical Support for
SIM Instruction Set Simulator for C166/ST10

ROM Monitor

Adaption for ICECON

LA-7512 ROM Monitor for C166/ST10 on ESI
LA-7512D ROM Monitor for C166 Serial Access UD



Preprocessor Adaption for C167 Family
  • Universal Connector for C167 family
  • Compatible to PHYTEC evaluation boards
  • ICCON2 supports higher frequencies and lower voltages

Software Interfaces for C166

Compiler Interfaces


  • C166 (ARM Germany GmbH)
    • EOMF-166
  • XC16X/ST10 (Cosmic Software)
  • GNU-GCC166 (HighTec EDV-Systeme GmbH)
    • DBX
  • C166 (TASKING)
    • IEEE


  • GNU-CPP166 (HighTec EDV-Systeme GmbH)
    • DBX
  • CP166 (TASKING)
    • IEEE
Realtime Kernel Debug Support
3rd Party Integration
3rd Party Tool Integration


monitor_c166.pdfC166 Monitor
simulator_c166.pdfSimulator for C166/ST10
trace_c166.pdfC166 Family Trace

Software Updates

_ICD166_win.zipUpdate for 166 167 Super1030.36MB / 24-Jul-2013
_ICD166_win64.zipUpdate for 166 167 Super1037.15MB / 24-Jul-2013
_ICD166_linux.tar.gzUpdate for 166 167 Super1030.04MB / 24-Jul-2013
_ICD166_linux64.tar.gzUpdate for 166 167 Super1030.23MB / 24-Jul-2013
_ICD166_sun.tar.gzUpdate for 166 167 Super1025.48MB / 24-Jul-2013
_ICD166_mac64.tar.gzUpdate for 166 167 Super1021.59MB / 24-Jul-2013
_ICD166_eth.zipUpdate for 166 167 Super1014.99MB / 24-Jul-2013

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PP-C166-FAMILYPreprocessor for C166 family
Preprocessor for C161 .. C167
adaption to connector for evaluation boards

Does not support Egold+V3!



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TRACE32 Instruction Set Simulator for C166/ST
TRACE32 Instruction Set Simulator

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ROM Monitor for C166/ST10 on ESI
support 80C166, C165, C167, PMB2705 GOLD, ST10,
includes HLL debugger, operation system,

includes software for Windows

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ROM Monitor for C166 Serial Access UD
support C166/C167 family for serial access,
includes HLL debugger, operation system,

licensed for one host system via USB dongle
for Windows32, Windows64, Linux32, Linux64
and MAC OS X

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