PIL Testing on Custom Hardware and Virtual Platforms

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PIL Testing
Processor-In-the-Loop (PIL) testing for Simulink both hardware-based and virtual testing
Hardware-based testing via TRACE32 Debug and Trace Tools
Virtual testing with TRACE32 Instruction Set Simulator or with TRACE32 Front-End/virtual target
Tested for use with MATLAB R2010b and newer
Plug and play target support
Built-in support for various build toolchains
IEC 61508 and ISO 26262 compliant unit testing
TRACE32 PIL simulation setup enables additionally full access to advanced debug and trace functions of TRACE32



TRACE32′s integrated add-on for Simulink implements a customizable workflow to streamline the setup of processor-in-the-loop (PIL) tests for a multitude of different targets. The open software interface of TRACE32 enables a seamless integration into existing toolchains.

Hardware-Based Verification

During PIL testing TRACE32 is used as an abstraction layer by the modeling environment providing unified access to the target and rendering any target-specific adoptions on both host- and target-side effectively obsolete. Any target featuring basic debug supported becomes an eligible platform for model-based testing. In addition, the full set of TRACE32`s advanced debug and trace features becomes available.

Test Virtualization

TRACE32 can be used to debug virtual target, core simulators and target servers offering support for common virtualization interfaces. During PIL testing TRACE32 is used as an abstraction layer by the modeling environment providing unified access to these processor models. In addition, TRACE32 also contains a built-in Instruction Set Simulator, which can also be used as a virtual target for the PIL simulation.

TRACE32 PIL Simulation Setup


The Matlab™ PIL API is employed for communication between TRACE32 and the target application.

Debugging within Simulink

A further TRACE32 add-on offers native debugging between Simulink models and TRACE32. Selecting an element of the model allows quick navigation to the associated source code section within TRACE32 and vice versa. Simulation runs at model level can be synchronized with the code exectution on the target by setting breakpoints.

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