Embedded Trace Buffer Real-Time Trace

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Trace Display
Trigger Features
Unified Functions for ETM and ETB

Embedded Trace Buffer Real-Time Trace
Compatible to external ETM Trace
Readout through JTAG
No Speed Limit
Full Trace of Code and Data
Support for
 66AK2E02, 66AK2E05, 66AK2G02, 66AK2G12, 66AK2H06, 66AK2H12, 66AK2H14, 66AK2L06, 88F6707, 88F6710, 88F6810, 88F6820, 88F6828, 88F6W11, 88F7020, 88F7040, 88F8020, 88F8040, ADSP-SC570, ADSP-SC571, ADSP-SC572, ADSP-SC573, ADSP-SC582, ADSP-SC583, ADSP-SC583W, ADSP-SC584, ADSP-SC584W, ADSP-SC587, ADSP-SC589, AM335x, AM3872, AM3874, AM3892, AM3894, AM571X, AM572X, AM574X, AM576X, AM5K2E02, AM5K2E04, AM6526, AM6527, AM6528, AM6546, AM6548, ATSAMA5D21, ATSAMA5D22, ATSAMA5D23, ATSAMA5D24, ATSAMA5D26, ATSAMA5D27,
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ARMs solution is to provide an on-chip Embedded Trace Buffer (ETB) where the trace information produced by the ETM is stored at full processor speed, without data loss, and without the requirement for high-speed pads or device pins. The captured trace data can then be read out by the debugger at a reduced clock rate using the JTAG interface.

Technical Support


Trace Display


Trigger Features


Unified Functions for ETM and ETB

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