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Founded in 1979, Lauterbach has set many milestones in the design of tools for the embedded market:

First In-Circuit Emulator1983• First In-Ciruit Emulator
1987• Function run-time analysis including detailed call tree
• Code coverage analysis
1991• OS-aware debugging and tracing
Subsidiary in the US1994
JTAG Debugger1995• First JTAG debugger
1998• First tools for parallel off-chip trace ports
Trace1999• Trace-based debugging (CTS)
2000• OS-aware debugging and tracing for Linux• First Nexus tools
Subsidiary in UK2001
Subsidiary in Japan2003• Multicore debugging
Subsidiary in Italy2004Logic Analyzer
• Self-calibaration for high-speed parallel trace ports
• First logic analyzer
Subsidiary in China2005• Multicore tracing
• Trace-based cache analysis
2006• Energy profiling
• Java VM source level debugging
2007• OS-aware debugging and tracing for SMP Linux
New subsidiary in France2008• First tools for high-speed serial trace ports
Move to new headquarters2009Headquarters
2010• Debugging of virtual targets
2011• Streaming of trace data to hard-disk
2012• UEFI debugging
uTrace2013• µTrace®: All-in-one debug and trace solution for ARM® CortexTM-M
Subsidiary in Tunisia2014
2017• Hypervisor Debugging

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