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FDX (Fast Data eXchange) フレームワーク
FDX (′Fast Data eXchange′) is a very efficient target-host communication framework.


The Fast Data Exchange (FDX) enables transferring user data between the target and the host. The protocol implementation on target side is included in the target application. Example source code is provided by Lauterbach. On the host side the transmitted data can be processed by a user application communicating with the TRACE32 Application Interface or through Named Pipes. In a none-interactive mode TRACE32 can also read or write normal files as a general data source and sink. The FDX protocol has only a few overhead compared to the amount of processed data. Due to the buffered data transfer, the FDX channel has a high bandwidth.


A special application of the FDX is the FDX software trace. Through the trace application interface the target application can send trace information to the host. TRACE32 is capable to interpret the FDX data stream and handle it as ordinary trace information device.


TRACE32 supports different basic transfer methods. Memory mapped buffered transfer through dual port memory allows communication in real-time, normal memory access at breakpoints or spot breakpoints can be used for almost all CPUs. Some target devices support a Debug Communication Channel (DCC), which can be used to transfer FDX data in real-time too.

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