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TRACE32® supports XCP debugging for Arm® Cortex®

Publishing Date: September 6, 2022

XCP is a communication protocol standard supported by a wide range of measurement and calibration (MC) tool providers. Some of them support a standard extension that enables software debugging via the XCP protocol. This has two major advantages: 

 • MC-tools and debug tools can share the debug interface of an ECU (Electronic Control Unit) in a standardized way, allowing parallel operation. 

 • Even if the ECU is already embedded in the car, debugging is still possible. TRACE32 has had support for debugging via the XCP protocol for the Infineon TriCore™, Renesas RH850, Qorivva MPC5xxx/SPC5 and GTM with its TRACE32 Front-End and Back-End floating licenses since 2018. This also covers the evaluation and display of the on-chip trace data. Full support for Arm Cortex is now added with TRACE32 Release 2022/09. This new feature is based on the recently released version 1.1 of the “Software Debugging over XCP" Standard. 

 According to Michael Eick, XCP Product Manager at Lauterbach: “Debugging via the XCP interface has established itself and is becoming increasingly popular. In close cooperation with ETAS and Vector, we are now expanding our debug support to cover the popular Arm Cortex based processors. This allows our customers to leverage best-in-class tools to work on their projects.”

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