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TRACE32® Support for the Latest Microchip 8-Bit AVR MCU Debug Interface

Publishing Date: August 30, 2021

Lauterbach´s TRACE32® debug tools now offer full support for Microchip’s Unified Program and Debug Interface (UPDI) for the 8-Bit AVR MCUs. This provides users the ability to debug AVR®DA, AVR®DB and ATtiny devices, which are mostly used for low-power applications. The proprietary UPDI provides full programming and on-chip debugging capabilities via a bidirectional one-wire interface. Lauterbach offers two different adapters to match either an 8 or 6 pin UPDI pinout on the target.

“The modularity of Lauterbach’s hardware tools allows our customers to easily adapt to the latest updates for target debugging and tracing. We are always pleased to offer timely support for the latest technologies and can readily adapt to changing project requirements,” says Norbert Weiss, General Manager of Lauterbach GmbH.

If you are interested in detailed information about UPDI adaption, please visit our website and contact our local engineers.

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