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Temporal Forward and Backward Debugging now Available for TriCore™ AURIX™

Publishing Date: May 20, 2021

Lauterbach's TRACE32® trace tools have extended their scope for Trace-based Debugging (also known as Context Tracking System - CTS) to include the TriCore AURIX family of processors. This trace feature enables TRACE32 users to identify bugs faster and optimize their code more easily.

The CTS allows for the re-debugging of traced program sections. The program execution is reconstructed using the traced data, which enables forward and backward debugging capabilities through every assembler or high-level execution line. This feature allows customers to recreate the state of a target system at any point in time to identify the root cause of errors which occurred during the program execution. Users can inspect the changes in memory, registers and variables in great detail, and when stepping back in time, the source level trace display shows the historical register and stack variables, when doing a full data trace recording. The CTS feature is fully supported for both SMP and AMP systems.

“We are very pleased that the TRACE32 CTS is now available for the TriCore AURIX family of processors, as it has already been offered for other trace protocols since 1999. This efficient way of error identification helps our customers to improve the time-to-market for their products and brings great advantages, especially to the analysis of time critical systems as debugging through CTS does not violate any real-time conditions,” commented Stephan Lauterbach, General Manager of Lauterbach GmbH.

If you are interested in more details about CTS for your TriCore AURIX processor, please contact our local engineers.

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