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Lauterbach's TRACE32® now supports i.MX RT500 crossover MCUs from NXP® Semiconductor

Publishing Date: April 22, 2021

Lauterbach extends the range of supported processor architectures to include i.MX RT500 family crossover MCUs from NXP Semiconductors.

i.MX RT500 crossover MCUs contain an Arm® Cortex®-M33 core in combination with a built-in Cadence® Tensilica® Fusion 1 DSP processor, both running at frequencies of up to 200 MHz. The new chip family offers a variety of on-chip security features, which make it ideal for use in applications which require extra protection.

The entire MCU family is fully supported by all TRACE32 debug tools but of particular interest are the CombiProbe 2 which provides an efficient debug and trace solution for the dual-core processor, and the µTrace which supports debug and trace of just the Cortex-M core(s). For dual-core debugging using the Combi Probe 2, a Cortex-M debug license as well as a Xtensa license for the DSP are required.

“Through our close collaboration with NXP, we are pleased to provide our customers early debug and trace support for the latest processor families. This enables us to ensure that customers get their products to market faster and with significantly higher quality,” says Norbert Weiss, General Manager of Lauterbach GmbH.

Lauterbach is a gold member of the NXP Partner Program, a global network of engineering companies collaborating with NXP to bring you exceptional software, tools, training and services, and ultimately speed your time to market.

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