MSP430 JTAG and Spy-Bi-Wire Debugger

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IDE - Integrated Development Environment
Details and Configurations

MSP430 Debugger
Fast high-level and assembler debugging
Interface to compiler ICC430 (IAR Systems AB) and CCS (Texas Instruments)
Spy-Bi-Wire and 4-Wire JTAG support
Flash programming
Support for
 CC430F5123, CC430F5125, CC430F5133, CC430F5135, CC430F5137, CC430F5143, CC430F5145, CC430F5147, CC430F6125, CC430F6126, CC430F6127, CC430F6135, CC430F6137, CC430F6143, CC430F6145, CC430F6147, MSP430AFE221, MSP430AFE222, MSP430AFE223, MSP430AFE231, MSP430AFE232, MSP430AFE233, MSP430AFE251, MSP430AFE252, MSP430AFE253, MSP430AFE4110, MSP430BT5190, MSP430C091, MSP430C092, MSP430C1101, MSP430C1111, MSP430C1121, MSP430C1331, MSP430C1351, MSP430C311, MSP430C312, MSP430C313, MSP430C314, MSP430C315, MSP430C323,
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The TRACE32 PowerDebug system supports TI MSP430 processor chips of all families. The Lauterbach MSP430 Debugger allows customers to have a powerful debug support for their low power solutions and applications.

Operation Voltage
Technical Support


IDE - Integrated Development Environment



Adaptation for MSP430 family


Details and Configurations

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