ColdFire BDM Debugger

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ColdFire BDM Debugger
Full HLL and ASM support available
Batch Processing
Supports ELF/DWARF format
3.3 Volt Support
Support for Internal Triggers
Break on Code or Data
Unlimited Software Breakpoints
Fast download
Support for
 CFV1CORE_ALTERA, MCF51AC, MCF51AG, MCF51CN, MCF51EM, MCF51JE, MCF51JF, MCF51JG, MCF51JM, MCF51JU, MCF51MM, MCF51QE, MCF51QM, MCF51QU, MCF51QW, MCF5202, MCF5203, MCF5204, MCF5206, MCF5206E, MCF5207, MCF5208, MCF52100, MCF5211, MCF52110, MCF5212, MCF5213, MCF5214, MCF5216, MCF52210, MCF52211, MCF52212, MCF52213, MCF52221, MCF52223, MCF52230, MCF52231, MCF52232, MCF52233, MCF52234, MCF52235, MCF52236, MCF52252, MCF52254, MCF52255, MCF52256, MCF52258, MCF52259, MCF52274, MCF52277, MCF5232, MCF5233, MCF5234,
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The debugger for Freescale ColdFire family allows fast access to the JTAG interface of the chip. The systems supports C, C++ and JAVA.

Operation Voltage
Frequently Asked Questions
Technical Support

Demo Software for Download



Adaptation for ColdFire Debugger and Trace

BDM Connector for ColdFire+/V1


IDE - Integrated Development Environment


Trace Extension

ColdFire Trace
  • 200 MHz Trace Bus Operation
  • Up to 4 GByte trace memory
  • 16...256 MFrames
  • Display of Data Values


eTPU Support

eTPU Debugger
  • Full support of eTPUs
  • "Step" and "Go" commands
  • Supports all eTPU Breakpoints
  • Disassembler for Microinstructions
  • Monitor all eTPU Registers during stepping
  • Modify eTPU internal Registers
  • Display of Entry Points
  • Peripheral View of eTPU Registers


Details and Configurations

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