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     About the TRACE32 Online Help main.pdf29-Mar-2017
     TRACE32 Glossary glossary.pdf29-Mar-2017
     TRACE32 Debugger Getting Started
           ICD Quick Installation icd_quick_installation.pdf29-Mar-2017
           T32Start app_t32start.pdf29-Mar-2017
           Establish Your Debug Session tutor_setup.pdf29-Mar-2017
           ICD Tutorial icd_tutorial.pdf29-Mar-2017
     TRACE32 Documents
           IDE User Interface
                 IDE User's Guide ide_user.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 IDE Reference Guide ide_ref.pdf29-Mar-2017
           PRACTICE Script Language
                 PRACTICE Script Language User's Guide practice_user.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 PRACTICE Script Language Reference Guide practice_ref.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 TRACE32 Functions
                       IDE Functions ide_func.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       General Functions general_func.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       Stimuli Generator Functions stg_func.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Application Notes for PRACTICE
                       Converter from GEL to PRACTICE converter_gel.pdf29-Mar-2017
           General Commands
                 General Commands Reference Guide A general_ref_a.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 General Commands Reference Guide B general_ref_b.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 General Commands Reference Guide C general_ref_c.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 General Commands Reference Guide D general_ref_d.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 General Commands Reference Guide E general_ref_e.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 General Commands Reference Guide F general_ref_f.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 General Commands Reference Guide G general_ref_g.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 General Commands Reference Guide H general_ref_h.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 General Commands Reference Guide I general_ref_i.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 General Commands Reference Guide J general_ref_j.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 General Commands Reference Guide K general_ref_k.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 General Commands Reference Guide L general_ref_l.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 General Commands Reference Guide M general_ref_m.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 General Commands Reference Guide N general_ref_n.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 General Commands Reference Guide O general_ref_o.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 General Commands Reference Guide P general_ref_p.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 General Commands Reference Guide Q general_ref_q.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 General Commands Reference Guide R general_ref_r.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 General Commands Reference Guide S general_ref_s.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 General Commands Reference Guide T general_ref_t.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 General Commands Reference Guide U general_ref_u.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 General Commands Reference Guide V general_ref_v.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 General Commands Reference Guide W general_ref_w.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 General Commands Reference Guide X general_ref_x.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 General Commands Reference Guide Y general_ref_y.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 General Commands Reference Guide Z general_ref_z.pdf29-Mar-2017
           High-Level Language Debugging
                 Application Note C++ Debugging app_cpp_debugging.pdf29-Mar-2017
           FLASH Programming
                 Onchip/NOR FLASH Programming User's Guide norflash.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 NAND FLASH Programming User's Guide nandflash.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Serial FLASH Programming User's Guide serialflash.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 eMMC FLASH Programming User's Guide emmcflash.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 List of Supported FLASH Devices flashlist.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Application Notes for FLASH
                       How to Write your own FLASH Algorithm flash_app_own_algorithm.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       Tips to Solve NOR FLASH Programming Problems flash_diagnosis.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       How to Write your own FLASHFILE Algorithm flashfile_app_own_algorithm.pdf29-Mar-2017
           Boundary Scan
                 Boundary Scan User's Guide boundary_scan.pdf29-Mar-2017
           TRACE32 Lua Library
                 TRACE32 Lua Library lua_library.pdf29-Mar-2017
           Intel® DCI [Direct Connect Interface]
                 Debugging via Intel® DCI User´s Guide dci_intel_user.pdf29-Mar-2017
           Peripheral Files
                 Peripheral Files Programming Commands per_prog.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Converter SPIRIT XML to PER Commands converter_spiritxml.pdf29-Mar-2017
           Trace Analysis
                 Trace Application Notes
                       Application Note for the Trace.Find Command app_trace_find.pdf29-Mar-2017
           AutoFocus User's Guide autofocus_user.pdf29-Mar-2017
           System Trace
                 System Trace User's Guide trace_stm.pdf29-Mar-2017
           UEFI Debuggers
                 UEFI BLDK Debugger uefi_bldk.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 UEFI H2O Debugger uefi_h2o.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 UEFI TianoCore Debugger uefi_tiano.pdf29-Mar-2017
           RTOS Debuggers
                 RTOS Debugger for AMX rtos_amx.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for ARTK rtos_artk.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for ARTX-166 rtos_rtxartx166.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for ChibiOS/RT rtos_chibios.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for Chorus Classic rtos_chorus_classic.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for Chorus Micro rtos_chorus_micro.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for Cmicro rtos_cmicro.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for CMX rtos_cmx.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for CMX-TINY+ rtos_cmx_tiny.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for DSP/BIOS rtos_bios.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for eCos rtos_ecos.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for embOS rtos_embos.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for FAMOS rtos_famos.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for FreeRTOS rtos_freertos.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for HI7000 rtos_hi7000.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for Linux
                       RTOS Debugger for Linux - Run Mode rtos_linux_run.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       RTOS Debugger for Linux - Stop Mode rtos_linux_stop.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       Training Linux Debugging training_rtos_linux.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for LynxOS rtos_lynx.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for MicroC/OS-II rtos_ucos.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for MicroC/OS-III rtos_ucos3.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for MicroC3/Compact rtos_uc3cmp.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for MicroC3/Standard rtos_uc3std.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for MQX rtos_mqx.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for MTOS-UX rtos_mtos.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for NetBSD rtos_netbsd.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for NORTi rtos_norti.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for Nucleus PLUS rtos_nucleus.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for OKL4 rtos_okl4.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for OS21 rtos_os21.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for OS-9 rtos_os9.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for OSE Classic rtos_ose_classic.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for OSE Delta rtos_ose_delta.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for OSE Epsilon rtos_ose_epsilon.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for OSEck rtos_oseck.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for OSEK/ORTI
                       RTOS Debugger for OSEK/ORTI rtos_orti.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       Application Note for OSEK/ORTI
                             Trace Export for Third-Party Timing Tools app_timing_tools.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for PikeOS rtos_pikeos.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for PrKERNEL rtos_prkernel.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for pSOS+ rtos_psos.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for PXROS rtos_pxros.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for QNX - Run Mode rtos_qnx_run.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for QNX - Stop Mode rtos_qnx_stop.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for REALOS rtos_realos.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for RealTimeCraft rtos_realtimecraft.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for RTEMS rtos_rtems.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for RTOS/7700 rtos_rt7700.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for RTX166 rtos_rtx166.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for RTX166 tiny rtos_rtx166_tiny.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for RTX51 rtos_rtx51.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for RTX51 tiny rtos_rtx51_tiny.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for RTX-ARM rtos_rtxarm.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for RTXC rtos_rtxc.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for RTXC Quadros rtos_quadros.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for Rubus OS rtos_rubus.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for Sciopta rtos_sciopta.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for SMX rtos_smx.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for Symbian OS EKA1 rtos_epoc.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for Symbian OS EKA2 - Run Mode rtos_symb2_run.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for Symbian OS EKA2 - Stop Mode rtos_symb2_stop.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for SYS/BIOS rtos_sysbios.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for ThreadX rtos_threadx.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for uClinux rtos_uclinux.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for uiPLUS rtos_uiplus.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for VDK rtos_vdk.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for VRTX32/68K rtos_vrtx.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for VRTX80 rtos_vrtx_80.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for VRTXmc/68K rtos_vrtx_mc.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for VRTXsa rtos_vrtx_sa.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for VxWorks rtos_vxworks.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for Windows CE4/CE5 rtos_windows_ce.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for Windows CE6/EC7/EC2013 rtos_windows_ce6.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for Windows Standard rtos_windows.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for ZeOS rtos_zeos.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 RTOS Debugger for Zephyr rtos_zephyr.pdf29-Mar-2017
           Hypervisor Support
                 Hypervisor Awareness for Wind River Hypervisor hv_windriver.pdf29-Mar-2017
           VM Debugging
                 VM Debugger Dalvik vmdalvik.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Application Note for Android
                       TRACE32 JTAG Bridge for Android android_jtag_bridge.pdf29-Mar-2017
           GDB Support
                 TRACE32 as GDB Front-End frontend_gdb.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 TRACE32 as GDB Back-End backend_gdb.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Converter from GDB to PRACTICE converter_gdb.pdf29-Mar-2017
           Virtual Targets
                 Virtual Targets User's Guide virtual_targets.pdf29-Mar-2017
           Debug Back-Ends
                 GTL Debug Back-End backend_gtl.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Debugging via USB User´s Guide usbdebug_user.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 XCP Debug Back-End backend_xcp.pdf29-Mar-2017
           Target Server
                 EPOC Target Server monitor_epoc.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 OSE Target Server monitor_ose.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 TRACE32 pdebug Target Server for ARM monitor_pdebug_arm.pdf29-Mar-2017
           Native Process Debugger windows_debugger.pdf29-Mar-2017
           TRACE32 as TCF Agent app_tcf_setup.pdf29-Mar-2017
           3rd Party Tool Integrations
                 Integration for CodeBlocks int_codeblock.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Integration for CodeWright int_codewright.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Integration for EasyCase int_easycase.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Integration for eXDI2 on Windows CE Platform Builder int_exdi2.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Integration with LabView int_labview.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Integration with OSE Illuminator int_ose.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Integration for Rhapsody in C/C++ int_rhapsody_cpp.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Integration for Rhapsody in MicroC int_rhapsody_mc.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Integration for Simulink int_simulink.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Integration for Tornado I, agentless int_tornado.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Integration for Tornado I, WDB-agent int_tornado_agent.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Integration for Visual Basic Interface int_visualbasic.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Integration for Xilinx ISE int_ise.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Integration for Xilinx Vivado int_vivado.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Integration for X-Tools and X32 int_xtools.pdf29-Mar-2017
           TRACE32 Instruction Set Simulators
                 API for TRACE32 Instruction Set Simulator simulator_api.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Simulator for 68K/ColdFire simulator_68k.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Simulator for ARC simulator_arc.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Simulator for ARM and XSCALE simulator_arm.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Simulator for C166/ST10 simulator_c166.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Simulator for H8/300, H8/300H and H8S simulator_h8.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Simulator for HC08/MSC08 simulator_hc08.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Simulator for HC12/MCS12 simulator_hc12.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Simulator for Intel® x86/x64 simulator_x86.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Simulator for MIPS simulator_mips.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Simulator for NIOS-II simulator_nios.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Simulator for PowerPC simulator_ppc.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Simulator for SuperH simulator_sh.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Simulator for TriCore simulator_tricore.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Simulator for Z80+ simulator_z80.pdf29-Mar-2017
           ICD In-Circuit Debugger
                 ICD Debugger User's Guide debugger_user.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 ICD Add-Ons
                       EPROM/FLASH Simulator eprom_simulator.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       TPU Debugger tpu.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Processor Architecture Manuals
                             78K0R/RL78 Debugger debugger_78k.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             Andes Debugger debugger_andes.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             APEX Debugger debugger_apex.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             APS Debugger debugger_aps.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             ARC Debugger debugger_arc.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             ARM Debugger debugger_arm.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             ARM and XSCALE Monitor monitor_arm.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             ARMv8-A/-R Debugger debugger_armv8a.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             Cortex-M Debugger debugger_cortexm.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             uTrace for Cortex-M User's Guide microtrace_cortexm.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             ARM-ETM Trace trace_arm_etm.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             ARM-ETM Training training_arm_etm.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             ARM-ETM Programming Dialog trace_arm_etm_dialog.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             ARM-ETM RTS User's Guide rts_user.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             RAM Trace Port trace_rtp.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             ARM Application Notes
                                   ARM JTAG Interface Specifications app_arm_jtag.pdf29-Mar-2017
                                   Setup of the Debugger for a CoreSight System app_arm_coresight.pdf29-Mar-2017
                                   Debugging Embedded Cores in Xilinx FPGAs [Zynq] app_xilinx_zynq.pdf29-Mar-2017
                                   ARM Application Note for MXC Chips app_arm_mxc.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             AVR32 Debugger and NEXUS Trace debugger_avr32.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             AVR8 Debugger debugger_avr8.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             Beyond Debugger and Trace debugger_beyond.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             Blackfin Debugger debugger_blackfin.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       C166 Family
                             XC2000/XC16x/C166CBC Debugger debugger_166cbc.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             XC16x Application Notes
                                   Application Note Debug Cable C166 c166_app_ocds.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             C166 Monitor monitor_c166.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             C166 Family Trace trace_c166.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             CEVA-Oak/Teak/TeakLite Debugger debugger_oak.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             CEVA-X Debugger debugger_cevax.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       CPU32 and ColdFire
                             CPU32/ColdFire Debugger and Trace debugger_68k.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             DSP56K Debugger debugger_56000.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             eTPU Debugger and Trace debugger_etpu.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             GTM Debugger and Trace debugger_gtm.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             H8S/23x9 Debugger debugger_h8s.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             H8S and H8/300H Monitor monitor_h8.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             Hexagon Debugger debugger_hexagon.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             Hexagon-ETM Trace trace_hexagon_etm.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             M32R Debugger and Trace debugger_m32r.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             M8051EW Debugger debugger_m8051ew.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             R8051XC Debugger debugger_r8051xc.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             MAC71xx/72xx NEXUS Debugger and Trace nexus_mac.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             MCS08 Debugger debugger_hc08.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             MCS12 Debugger debugger_hc12.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             MicroBlaze Debugger and Trace debugger_microblaze.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             Application Notes for MicroBlaze
                                   Connecting to MicroBlaze Targets for Debug and Trace app_microblaze.pdf29-Mar-2017
                                   Modifying Xilinx ML605 for Direct JTAG Access app_ml605.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             MIPS Debugger and Trace debugger_mips.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             MMDSP Debugger debugger_mmdsp.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             MMDSP NEXUS Debugger and Trace nexus_mmdsp.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             MMDSP Application Note
                                   Debugging NMF Applications with TRACE32 app_mmdsp.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             MSP430 Debugger debugger_msp430.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             M-Core Debugger debugger_mcore.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             NIOS II Debugger and Trace debugger_nios.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             NIOS II Application Note
                                   NIOS II Instantiating the Off-chip Trace Logic app_nios.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             PPC400/PPC440 Debugger and Trace debugger_ppc400.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             Application Note for PPC400/PPC440
                                   Debugging Embedded Cores in Xilinx FPGAs [PPC4xx] app_xilinx_ppc400.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             MPC5xx/8xx Debugger and Trace debugger_ppc.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             MPC56x NEXUS Debugger and Trace nexus_mpc5xx.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       PQII, MPC5200, MPC603/7xx, MPC74xx
                             PPC600 Family Debugger debugger_ppc600.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             PQII Trace trace_mpc82xx.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             PQIII Debugger debugger_ppcpq3.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             PWRficient Debugger debugger_pwr.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             QorIQ Debugger and NEXUS Trace debugger_ppcqoriq.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       Qorivva MPC5xxx/SPC5xx
                             Qorivva MPC5xxx/SPC5xx Debugger and NEXUS Trace debugger_mpc5500.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             Application Note for Nexus MPC5xxx
                                   Complex Trigger Unit for Nexus MPC5xxx app_ctu_mpc5xxx.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             RH850 Debugger and Trace debugger_rh850.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       RX Debugger
                             RX Debugger debugger_rx.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             StarCore Debugger and Trace debugger_starcore.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             StarCore Application Note
                                   StarCore Application Note for MXC Chips starcore_mxc_app.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             SH2, SH3 and SH4 Debugger debugger_sh4.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             SH2 Monitor monitor_sh.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       TI DSPs
                             TMS320C2X Debugger debugger_c2000.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             TMS320C5X Debugger debugger_c5500.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             TMS320C6X Debugger debugger_c6000.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             TriCore Debugger and Trace debugger_tricore.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             MCDS User's Guide mcds_user.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             TriCore Application Notes
                                   Application Note Debug Cable TriCore tricore_app_ocds.pdf29-Mar-2017
                                   TriCore On-Chip FLASH Programming tricore_app_flash.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             TriCore Monitor monitor_tricore.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             PCP Debugger Reference debugger_pcp.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             V850 Debugger and Trace debugger_v850.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             Intel® x86/x64 Debugger debugger_x86.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             Tools for Intel® x86/x64 tools_intel_x86.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             Intel® Application Note for Server Setup app_x86_server.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             Intel® Processor Trace trace_intel_pt.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             Intel® Trace Hub trace_intel_th.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             x186 Monitor monitor_x186.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             x196 Monitor monitor_196.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       x386 and x486
                             x386 and x486 Monitor monitor_x386.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             XA51 Monitor monitor_xa51.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             XC800 Debugger debugger_xc800.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             XC800 Application Notes
                                   Application Note Debug Cable XC800 xc800_app_ocds.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             XTENSA Debugger debugger_xtensa.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             Z80 Monitor monitor_z80.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             ZSP Debugger debugger_zsp.pdf29-Mar-2017
           ICE In-Circuit Emulator
                 ICE User's Guide ice_user.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 ICE Analyzer System
                       ICE/FIRE Analyzer User's Guide analyzer_user.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       ICE Analyzer Programming
                             ICE/FIRE Analyzer Trigger Unit Programming Guide analyzer_prog.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             ICE/FIRE Analyzer Programming Dialog analyzer_dialog.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       ICE Performance Analyzer User's Guide performance_user.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 ICE Port Analyzer User's Guide port_user.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 ICE Memory Modules ice_memory_modules.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 ICE Target Guides
                       ICE Emulator for 68000 ice_68000.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       ICE Emulator for MC68000 and MC6830X ice_68300.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       ICE Emulator for MC68020/30 ice_68020.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       ICE Emulator for MC68040/60 ice_68040.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       ICE Emulator for MC6833X ice_68330.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       ICE Emulator for Motorola 68360/349 ice_68360.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       ICE Emulator for 68HC05 and 68HC08 ice_hc08.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       ICE Emulator for 68HC11 ice_hc11.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       ICE Emulator for MELPS 7700 ice_melps.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       ICE Emulator for C166/ST10
                             ICE Emulator for C166/ST10 ice_c166.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             C166/ST10 Application Note
                                   Update C167-E2 to C167-E3 app_ice166.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       ICE Emulator for the 80186 and 80196 ice_x186.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       ICE Emulator for INTEL 196K Family ice_196k.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       ICE Emulator for 386/486 ice_i386.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       ICE Emulator for 8051 ice_51.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       ICE Emulator for 90CL301 ice_90301.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       ICE Emulator for Hitachi H8/300 and H8/500 ice_h8.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       ICE Emulator for PowerPC ice_mpc8xx.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       ICE Emulator for Z80 and Z180 ice_z80.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Timing Analyzer
                       Timing Analyzer User's Guide time_user.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       Timing Analyzer Reference Guide time_ref.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       Timing Analyzer Trigger Unit Programming Guide time_prog.pdf29-Mar-2017
           FIRE In-Circuit Emulator
                 FIRE User's Guide fire_user.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 ICE Analyzer System
                       ICE/FIRE Analyzer User's Guide analyzer_user.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       FIRE Analyzer Programming
                             ICE/FIRE Analyzer Trigger Unit Programming Guide analyzer_prog.pdf29-Mar-2017
                             ICE/FIRE Analyzer Programming Dialog analyzer_dialog.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 FIRE Port Analyzer User´s Guide fireport_user.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 FIRE Target Guides
                       FIRE Emulator for HC12/MCS12 fire_hc12.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       FIRE Emulator for C166 Family
                             FIRE Emulator for C166 Family fire_c166.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       FIRE Emulator for C166S V2 Family fire_xc166.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       FIRE Emulator for C166 Cell-Based-Core fire_166cbc.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       FIRE Emulator for H8S and H8/300H fire_h8s.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       FIRE Emulator for SH2 fire_sh2.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 CombiProbe User's Guide combiprobe_user.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 CombiProbe for Cortex-M User's Guide combiprobe_cortexm.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 PowerProbe User's Guide powerprobe_user.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 PowerProbe/Port Analyzer Reference Guide powerprobe_ref.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 PowerProbe Trigger Unit Programming Guide powerprobe_prog.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 IProbe User's Guide iprobe_user.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 PowerIntegrator User's Guide powerintegrator_user.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 PowerIntegrator Programming Guide powerintegrator_prog.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 PowerIntegrator Application Notes
                       PowerIntegrator State Trace Application Note powerintegrator_app_state.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       PowerIntegrator Trace DisConfig Application Note powerintegrator_app_dc.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       PowerIntegrator Setup Application Note powerintegrator_app_setup.pdf29-Mar-2017
                       DigRF Protocol Analyzer digrf_app.pdf29-Mar-2017
           Protocol Analyzer
                 Protocol Analyzer Application Note protocol_app.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 FlexRay Protocol Analyzer flexray_app.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 LIN Bus Protocol Analyzer linbus_app.pdf29-Mar-2017
           EPROM/FLASH Simulator eprom_simulator.pdf29-Mar-2017
           Stimuli Generator
                 Stimuli Generator User's Guide stg_user.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Stimuli Generator Reference Guide stg_ref.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Error Messages error.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 API for Remote Control and JTAG Access api_remote.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Controlling TRACE32 via Python 3 app_python.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 API for Auxiliary Processing Unit api_apu.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Command List commandlist.pdf29-Mar-2017
     TRACE32 Training
           Debugger Training
                 Debugger Basics - Training training_debugger.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Debugger Basics - SMP Training training_debugger_smp.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Advanced Debugging Topics
                       Training JTAG Interface training_jtag.pdf29-Mar-2017
           Training ARM-ETM
                 ARM-ETM Training training_arm_etm.pdf29-Mar-2017
           Training AURIX
                 AURIX Trace Training training_aurix_trace.pdf29-Mar-2017
           Training Hexagon-ETM
                 Hexagon-ETM Training training_hexagon_etm.pdf29-Mar-2017
           Training Intel® x86/x64
                 Basic Debugging Intel® x86/x64 training_debugger_x86.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Training Linux Debugging for Intel® x86/x64 training_rtos_linux_x86.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Intel® Processor Trace Training training_ipt_trace.pdf29-Mar-2017
           Training Nexus
                 Nexus Training training_nexus.pdf29-Mar-2017
           Training HLL Debugging training_hll.pdf29-Mar-2017
           Training Script Language PRACTICE training_practice.pdf29-Mar-2017
           Training Menu training_menu.pdf29-Mar-2017
           Training RTOS
                 Training Linux Debugging training_rtos_linux.pdf29-Mar-2017
           Training Power Probe
                 Training Power Probe training_pp.pdf29-Mar-2017
           Training ICE Emulator
                 Training ICE Basics training_ice.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Training ICE Analyzer training_ice_analyzer.pdf29-Mar-2017
           Training FIRE Emulator
                 Training FIRE Basics training_fire.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Training FIRE Analyzer training_fire_analyzer.pdf29-Mar-2017
                 Training FIRE PortAnalyzer training_fire_port.pdf29-Mar-2017
           Training Simulator and Demo Software demo.pdf29-Mar-2017
     TRACE32 Installation
           TRACE32 Installation Guide installation.pdf29-Mar-2017
           Floating Licenses floatinglicenses.pdf29-Mar-2017
           Citrix Application Note
                 Application Note Citrix app_citrix.pdf29-Mar-2017
     TRACE32 Technical Support
           Support Addresses support.pdf29-Mar-2017
           Release History release.pdf29-Mar-2017
           Software Updates updates.pdf29-Mar-2017
     TRACE32 Index index.pdf29-Mar-2017
     TRACE32 Directory directory.pdf29-Mar-2017

New Manuals

          Debugger Basics - トレーニングtraining_debugger_j.pdf  26-Apr-2011 
          HLL Debugging - トレーニングtraining_hll_j.pdf  21-Sep-2011 
          NEXUS - トレーニングtraining_nexus_j.pdf  11-Jul-2012 
          PRACTICE - トレーニングtraining_practice_j.pdf  21-Sep-2011 

Release Information in Manuals

APEX Debugger08-Apr-2016New manual.
Application Note Debug Cable TriCore01-Feb-2016Reorganized and updated the document.
Application Note for the Trace.Find Command06-Feb-2017Examples for new search option CHANGE added.
04-May-2016Description and example for Address.MATCH search added. Example for TIme.AddressBack search added.
ARM Debugger18-Nov-2016Added SYStem.CONFIG L2CACHE.Base, SYStem.CONFIG L2CACHE.Type, and SYStem.CONFIG.L2CACHE.RESET.
18-Aug-2016New section “Example for ETM Stopping Breakpoints”; see also ETM.StoppingBreakPoints in trace_arm_etm.pdf.
08-Jul-2016Updated SYStem.CpuAccess.
13-May-2016Improved description of the benchmark counter commands BMC.<counter>.EVENT <event> and BMC.<counter>.RATIO <ratio>.
29-Apr-2016New commands SYStem.Option DAPDBGPWRUPREQ and SYStem.Option DAP2DBGPWRUPREQ.
22-Mar-2016New command TrOnchip.ASID.
04-Nov-2015New command SYStem.Option DEBUGPORTOptions.
ARM-ETM Trace08-Aug-2016Description of the command ETM.VMID.
28-Jun-2016The command ETM.ReadWriteBreak was renamed to ETM.StoppingBreakPoints.
ARMv8-A/-R Debugger24-Nov-2016Added descriptions of the commands SYStem.Option DCMaintenance and SYStem.Option ICMaintenance.
18-Aug-2016New section “Example for ETM Stopping Breakpoints”; see also ETM.StoppingBreakPoints in trace_arm_etm.pdf.
18-Jul-2016Extended arguments for SYStem.Option NOMA. Possible arguments [ON | OFF] have been replaced with [OFF | Read | Write | ReadWrite].
05-Jul-2016Allow to configure and use CTI base addresses > 32bit, see SYStem.CONFIG CTI Base.
14-Mar-2016New command SYStem.Option DUALPORT.
30-Oct-2015Replaced SYStem.Option LowPowerOSCatch with SYStem.Option BreakOS.
AVR32 Debugger and NEXUS Trace23-Jan-2017New commands: SYStem.Option CACHE, SYStem.Option AUTO, and SYStem.EraseChip.
AVR8 Debugger23-Jan-2017New commands: SYStem.Option CACHE, SYStem.FuseBits, SYStem.LockBits, SYStem.EraseChip, and SYStem.REFresh.
15-Jun-2016New manual.
CombiProbe User's Guide14-Sep-2016Increased maximum supported frequency of the Serial Wire Viewer protrocol to 100MHz.
Controlling TRACE32 via Python 323-Dec-2016New application note.
Cortex-M Debugger18-Aug-2016Overview on TRACE32 products for Cortex-M added. Information about the MTB trace for Cortex-M0+ added.
08-Jul-2016Updated SYStem.CpuAccess.
Debugger Basics - SMP Training07-Jun-2016Chapter “ETM Breakpoints for ARM or Cortex-A/-R” updated.
Debugger Basics - Training07-Jun-2016Chapter “ETM Breakpoints for ARM or Cortex-A/-R” updated.
Debugging Embedded Cores in Xilinx FPGAs [PPC4xx]27-Jan-2017The file app_xilinx.pdf was split into two new files: app_xilinx_zynq.pdf and app_xilinx_ppc400.pdf.
Debugging Embedded Cores in Xilinx FPGAs [Zynq]27-Jan-2017The file app_xilinx.pdf was split into two new files: app_xilinx_zynq.pdf and app_xilinx_ppc400.pdf.
Debugging via Intel® DCI User´s Guide01-Feb-2017New manual.
Debugging via USB User´s Guide31-Jan-2017New manual.
Floating Licenses16-Feb-2016Update of chapter “Introduction”.
General Commands Reference Guide C15-Feb-2016Added description for COVerage.TreeWalkSETUP.
General Commands Reference Guide D01-Jul-2016Added illustration for the BSPLIT option of the commands Data.LOAD ... /BSPLIT and Data.SAVE.../BSPLIT.
11-Jun-2016Description for command Data.FindeCODE added.
11-Nov-2015Replaced all occurrences of the term “virtual address” with the term “logical address”. See also “Logical Address” in glossary.pdf.
General Commands Reference Guide F18-Jan-2017Added description and example for the new LAYOUT option of the FLASHFILE.SAVEECC.* commands; for details, see FLASHFILE.SAVEECC.hamming. Updated FLASH.CHANGEtype.
18-Nov-2016Added an illustration of the BSPLIT option for the commands FLASH.Create and FLASH.CFI.
10-Jan-2016New commands Frame.CONFIG.EABI and FLASH.TARGET2.
11-Nov-2015Added description and example for FLASHFILE.LOAD.Elf.
General Commands Reference Guide G12-Jan-2017Added description, example and screenshots for the new command GROUP.DeleteTASK.
20-Jul-2016Description of Go.Return command updated.
General Commands Reference Guide I19-Feb-2016Updated description of I2C.THreshold.
General Commands Reference Guide J16-Aug-2016New commands: JTAG.PROGRAM.Altera, Updated command description of JTAG.PROGRAM.SVF.
General Commands Reference Guide P14-Oct-2016Added description, screenshots, and example for the new command PER.STOre.
General Commands Reference Guide S31-Jan-2017New commands sYmbol.TYPEINFO and sYmbol.SourcePATH.TranslateSUBpath.
24-Aug-2016Added descriptions and illustrations for the commands SYStem.CADIconfig.RemoteServer and SYStem.CADIconfig.Traceconfig.
27-Jul-2016Added description for new GTL configuration commands SYStem.GTL.GPIONAME, SYStem.GTL.SHAREDMODEL, SYStem.GTL.SHAREDMODEL and SYStem.GTL.TransactorConfig.
General Commands Reference Guide T03-Feb-2017Renamed TriggerProbe commands to TrPOD.
24-Jan-2017Description for commands Trace.STATistic.FuncDURation and Trace.STATistic.FuncDURationInternal added.
17-Jan-2017Added section “What to know about Magic Numbers, Task IDs and Task Names”.
19-Sep-2016Description for command Trace.PROfileChart.TASK plus example for CPU load measurement added.
05-Aug-2016Description for commands LA.IMPORT.STP and LA.IMPORT.STPByteStream added. Description for command Trace.ListVar added.
05-Aug-2016Description for options /TASK <task_name> and /TASK !<task_name> added for Trace.STATistic.Func command.
07-Jul-2016Added description of command group TPIU (Trace Port Interface Unit).
29-Jun-2016Definition of PROBLEM and WORKAROUND added to the Trace.ListNesting command.
15-Feb-2016Description for option /Address for command Trace.STATistic.sYmbol and Trace.Chart.sYmbol added. Example for option /Filter added.
13-Jan-2016Revised Trace.TRACK and Trace.View.
19-Nov-2015Revised Trace.GOTO.
General Functions17-Jan-2017New functions: Analyzer.TraceCONNECT(), CAnalyzer.TraceCONNECT(), Onchip.TraceCONNECT(), Trace.TraceCONNECT(), and Analyzer.TRIGGER.TIME().
10-Jan-2017New functions: BMC.COUNTER.BYNAME() and BMC.OVERFLOW.BYNAME().
22-Nov-2016New functions: FLASH.SECTOR.EXTRAvalue(), FLASH.SECTOR.RANGE().
28-Sep-2016New functions: BMC.CLOCK(), CORE.ISACTIVE(), CORE.NAMES(), sYmbol.EPILOG(), SYStem.MCDconfig.LIBrary().
24-Aug-2016New functions: Break.Alpha.EXIST(), Break.Beta.EXIST(), Break.Charly.EXIST(), SYStem.CADIconfig.RemoteServer(), and SYStem.CADIconfig.Traceconfig().
18-Feb-2016Reformatted document: All functions state the parameter and return value type, and each type is linked to its type description.
15-Feb-2016Added description for FLASH.TARGET2.FILE() and COVerage.TreeWalk().
16-Dec-2015Added an example for TRACK.TIME() and a description for TRACK.STRing().
How to Write your own FLASHFILE Algorithm23-Sep-2016New application note.
Hypervisor Awareness for Wind River Hypervisor24-Nov-2015New manual.
23-Aug-2016New functions ERROR.ID(), ERROR.OCCURRED().
22-Apr-2016New functionsTCF.PORT(), TCF.DISCOVERY(), PRINTER.FILENAME().
19-Feb-2016Reformatted document: Reformatted document: All functions state the parameter and return value type, and each type is linked to its type description.
19-Feb-2016Added description and example for FOUND.COUNT().
03-Feb-2016Added an example showing how to add a date-time stamp to log files using Format.UnixTime(), see example 2.
15-Dec-2015Added example and screenshot for CONVert.CHAR().
12-Nov-2015Added an example showing how to loop through the parameter array returned by the function DIALOG.STRing(), see example 2.
IDE Reference Guide13-Dec-2016Added description, screenshot, and example for the new commands AREA.List and AREA.Delete.
22-Sep-2016New commands ERROR.RESet and AREA.SAVE. The syntax of AREA.OPEN and WinPOS was changed. New UNARchive commands for Linux and Microsoft libraries.
17-Aug-2016New PRinTer.EXPORT.* subcommands.
04-Jul-2016Added an example showing how to implement a toggle BUTTON.
21-Jun-2016New/updated commands, PRinTer.FILE, PRinTer.OPEN, PRinTer.ClipBoard, SETUP.XSLTSTYLESHEET, WinCLEAR.
31-May-2016New subcommands for DIALOG.File and DIALOG.SetFile.
11-Apr-2016New command LOG.toAREA. Example for the menu commands BEFORE and AFTER.
04-Feb-2016Added example and screenshots to the menu programming command ENABLE.
25-Jan-2016Added information about blocking and non-blocking OS commands. Description and example for the new WIDTH command for GUI programming.
16-Dec-2015The SETUP.PDFViewer command allows you to display the PDFs of the help system in your favorite PDF viewer. Configuration takes only a few mouse-clicks.
30-Nov-2015Added a 2nd example for the TRACE32 commands MKDIR and PWD. Added a 3rd example for the OS.Command, showing how to avoid additional Excel instances.
14-Oct-2015Added description and example for the TIMEOUT command.
IDE User's Guide01-Jun-2016New section “Bookmarks for Help Topics”. Revised section “Dialog Commands”.
12-Feb-2016Updated section “Parameter Types”.
11-Dec-2015Integrate any PDF viewer into the TRACE32 help system with just a few mouse-clicks. For a step-by-step procedure, see “Configure the Help System”.
Integration for Simulink09-Mar-2016New manual. Added description of TRACE32 PIL.
Integration for Xilinx Vivado22-Jul-2016The integration also supports Linux. For more information, see “System Requirements” and “Installation”.
08-Jul-2016The integration is also available for the ARM architecture. For more information, see “System Requirements”.
07-Apr-2016New manual.
Intel® Application Note for Server Setup22-Aug-2016New application note.
Intel® Trace Hub26-Apr-2016New manual.
Intel® x86/x64 Debugger18-Jan-2017Updated the “Quick Start” chapter.
05-Sep-2016New command group JTAG.CONFIG.
21-Jul-2016Described segmentation and renamed segment register aliases. Described new access classes for VMX guest and host mode.
18-May-2016cont’d. SYStem.Option STandBYAttachDELAY, SYStem.Option TOPOlogy, SYStem.OptionWHISKER, SYStem.Option RESetWaitTIME, SYStem.OptionWatchDogWaitTIME.
18-May-2016Described the commands SYStem.Option IGnoreSWBPReDirections, SYStem.OptionInstrSUBmitIGnorePHYSicalPRDY, SYStem.Option MultiCoreWhiskers, SYStem.Option OSWakeupTIME, SYStem.Option PWRCycleTi
18-May-2016cont’d.: SYStem.Option PWROFFTime, SYStem.Option PWRONTime, SYStem.OptionPWRONWaitTime, SYStem.Option RESetTIME, SYStem.Option S0Hold
25-Apr-2016Renamed “dual port access” to “runtime memory access”.
07-Jan-2016New access class Q, see Q:, QD:, QP:. Removed access class B.
20-Nov-2015Pinout of QuadProbe connector added.
02-Oct-2015Added command description for SYStem.Option.MEMoryMODEL and the new chapter “Memory Model”.
Nexus Training30-Jan-2017Details about command Trace.STATistic.FuncDURation added to the chapters “More Nesting Analysis Commands” and “More Nesting Analysis Commands (SMP)”.
27-Jan-2017Chapter “Trace-based Code Coverage” completely revised.
10-Mar-2016Partly revised.
Peripheral Files Programming Commands12-Feb-2016Added description of TEXTLINE. Renamed commands OUT to INDEX, SAVEOUT to SAVEINDEX. Updated the description of BASEOUT and BASESAVEOUT.
PRACTICE Script Language Reference Guide12-Feb-2016Updated the description and examples of the RePeaT command.
Qorivva MPC5xxx/SPC5xx Debugger and NEXUS Trace28-Apr-2016New chapters “Debug and Trace Connectors”, “Mechanical Dimensions”, and “Technical Data” with voltages and operation frequencies.
01-Mar-2016Description for command NEXUS.CoreENable added.
25-Jan-2016New command SYStem.Option.DISableResetEscalation.
25-Jan-2016New command BMC.<counter>.FREEZE.
14-Jan-2016Examples on how to count debug events with core performance monitor.
14-Jan-2016New command BMC.<counter>.ATOB.
RTOS Debugger for Linux - Stop Mode31-Oct-2016Added description for new Linux awareness functions TASK.ARCHITECTURE(), TASK.VERSION.BUILD() and TASK.VERSION.DATE().
19-Jul-2016Added description for new Linux awareness commands TASK.MAPS, TASK.DTS and TASK.VMAINFO.
RTOS Debugger for Zephyr30-Jan-2017New manual.
Tools for Intel® x86/x6416-Jun-2016New manual.
TRACE32 as TCF Agent18-Aug-2016Installing TCF in Synopsys MetaWare IDE
18-Apr-2016New application note. It replaces int_eclipse_gdb.pdf and int_eclipse.pdf.
TRACE32 Installation Guide22-Sep-2016Added section “TRACE32 as a Hidden Instance”.
29-Jul-2016Added section “Other Configuration Scenarios” regarding the config.t32 file.
20-Jun-2016Added “Example: Remote Control for POWER DEBUG INTERFACE / USB”.
05-Feb-2016Moved chapter “Floating Licenses” to the new floatinglicenses.pdf.
Training Script Language PRACTICE11-Jan-2017Added new section for Host OS Interaction.
27-Sep-2016Added new section for designing Robust PRACTICE Scripts.
25-Aug-2016Added sections for simple dialogs and dialog programming.
uTrace for Cortex-M User's Guide18-Aug-2016Overview on TRACE32 products for Cortex-M added. Chapter “Using the DWT” completely revised.
XCP Debug Back-End15-Feb-2017New commands: SYStem.CONFIG.XCP.Connect, SYStem.CONFIG.XCP.ConnectMode, and SYStem.CONFIG.XCP.DisConnect.
15-Feb-2017New functions: SYStem.CONFIG.XCP.Connected() and SYStem.CONFIG.XCP.ConnectMode().

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