TRACE32 Debugger for MPC5741P, MPC5742P, MPC5743P, MPC5744P, ...

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MPC5741P   (Panther)Multicore debugging license not required for MPC5741PNXP Semiconductors
MPC5742P   (Panther)Multicore debugging license not required for MPC5742PNXP Semiconductors
MPC5743P   (Panther)Multicore debugging license not required for MPC5743PNXP Semiconductors
MPC5744P   (Panther)Multicore debugging license not required for MPC5744PNXP Semiconductors
MPC5745B   (Calypso3M)NXP Semiconductors
MPC5745C   (Calypso3M)NXP Semiconductors
MPC5745D   (Calypso3M)NXP Semiconductors
MPC5746B   (Calypso3M)NXP Semiconductors
MPC5746C   (Calypso3M)NXP Semiconductors
MPC5746D   (Calypso3M)NXP Semiconductors
MPC5746G   (Calypso6M)NXP Semiconductors
MPC5747C   (Calypso6M)NXP Semiconductors
MPC5747G   (Calypso6M)NXP Semiconductors
MPC5748C   (Calypso6M)NXP Semiconductors
MPC5748G   (Calypso6M)NXP Semiconductors
MPC5775K   (RaceRunner)NXP Semiconductors
MPC5777C   (Cobra55)NXP Semiconductors
S32R274   (RaceRunner Ultra)NXP Semiconductors
S32R372   (RaceRunner Skinny)NXP Semiconductors

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