Chip Support and Configurations for MK02FN128VFM10, MK02FN128VLF10, ...

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Configuration Examples

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MK02FN128VFM10NXP Semiconductors
MK02FN128VLF10NXP Semiconductors
MK02FN128VLH10NXP Semiconductors
MK02FN64VFM10NXP Semiconductors
MK02FN64VLF10NXP Semiconductors
MK02FN64VLH10NXP Semiconductors
MK10DN128VEX5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DN128VFM5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DN128VFT5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DN128VLF5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DN128VLH5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DN128VMP5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DN32VEX5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DN32VFM5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DN32VFT5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DN32VLF5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DN32VLH5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DN32VMP5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DN512VLK10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DN512VLL10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DN512VLQ10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DN512VMB10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DN512VMC10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DN512VMD10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DN64VEX5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DN64VFM5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DN64VFT5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DN64VLF5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DN64VLH5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DN64VMP5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX128VEX5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX128VEX7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX128VFM5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX128VFT5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX128VLF5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX128VLH5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX128VLH7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX128VLK7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX128VLL7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX128VLQ10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX128VMC7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX128VMD10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX128VML7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX128VMP5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX256VEX7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX256VLH7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX256VLK7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX256VLL7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX256VLQ10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX256VMC7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX256VMD10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX256VML7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX32VEX5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX32VFM5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX32VFT5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX32VLF5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX32VLH5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX32VMP5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX64VEX5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX64VEX7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX64VFM5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX64VFT5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX64VLF5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX64VLH5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX64VLH7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX64VLK7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX64VMC7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10DX64VMP5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10FN1M0VLQ12   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10FN1M0VMD12   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10FX512VLQ12   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK10FX512VMD12   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK11DN512AVLK5NXP Semiconductors
MK11DN512AVMC5NXP Semiconductors
MK11DN512VLK5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK11DN512VMC5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK11DX128AVLK5NXP Semiconductors
MK11DX128AVMC5NXP Semiconductors
MK11DX128VMC5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK11DX256AVLK5NXP Semiconductors
MK11DX256AVMC5NXP Semiconductors
MK11DX256VLK5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK11DX256VMC5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK12DN512VLH5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK12DN512VLK5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK12DN512VMC5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK12DX128VLF5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK12DX128VLH5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK12DX128VLK5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK12DX128VMC5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK12DX256VLF5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK12DX256VLH5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK12DX256VLK5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK12DX256VMC5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DN128VEX5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DN128VFM5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DN128VFT5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DN128VLF5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DN128VLH5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DN128VMP5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DN32VEX5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DN32VFM5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DN32VFT5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DN32VLF5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DN32VLH5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DN32VMP5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DN512VLK10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DN512VLL10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DN512VLQ10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DN512VMB10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DN512VMC10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DN512VMD10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DN512ZCAB10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DN512ZCAB10RNXP Semiconductors
MK20DN64VEX5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DN64VFM5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DN64VFT5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DN64VLF5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DN64VLH5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DN64VMP5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX128VEX5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX128VEX7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX128VFM5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX128VFT5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX128VLF5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX128VLH5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX128VLH7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX128VLK7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX128VLL7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX128VLQ10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX128VMC7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX128VMD10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX128VML7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX128VMP5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX256VEX7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX256VLH7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX256VLK10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX256VLK7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX256VLL10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX256VLL7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX256VLQ10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX256VMB10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX256VMC10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX256VMC7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX256VMD10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX256VML7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX32VEX5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX32VFM5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX32VFT5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX32VLF5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX32VLH5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX32VMP5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX64VEX5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX64VEX7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX64VFM5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX64VFT5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX64VLF5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX64VLH5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX64VLH7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX64VLK7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX64VMC7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20DX64VMP5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20FN1M0VLQ12   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20FN1M0VMD12   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20FX512VLQ12   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK20FX512VMD12   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK21DN512AVLK5NXP Semiconductors
MK21DN512AVMC5NXP Semiconductors
MK21DN512VMC5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK21DX128AVLK5NXP Semiconductors
MK21DX128AVMC5NXP Semiconductors
MK21DX128VLK5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK21DX128VMC5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK21DX256AVLK5NXP Semiconductors
MK21DX256AVMC5NXP Semiconductors
MK21DX256VLK5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK21DX256VMC5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK21FN1M0AVLQ12NXP Semiconductors
MK21FN1M0AVMC12NXP Semiconductors
MK21FN1M0AVMD12NXP Semiconductors
MK21FN1M0VLQ12NXP Semiconductors
MK21FN1M0VMC10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK21FN1M0VMC12NXP Semiconductors
MK21FN1M0VMD10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK21FN1M0VMD12NXP Semiconductors
MK21FX512AVLQ12NXP Semiconductors
MK21FX512AVMC12NXP Semiconductors
MK21FX512AVMD12NXP Semiconductors
MK21FX512VLQ12NXP Semiconductors
MK21FX512VMC10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK21FX512VMC12NXP Semiconductors
MK21FX512VMD10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK21FX512VMD12NXP Semiconductors
MK22DN512VLH5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK22DN512VLK5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK22DN512VMC5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK22DX128VLF5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK22DX128VLH5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK22DX128VLK5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK22DX128VMC5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK22DX256VLF5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK22DX256VLH5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK22DX256VLK5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK22DX256VMC5   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK22FN128VDC10NXP Semiconductors
MK22FN128VLH10NXP Semiconductors
MK22FN128VLL10NXP Semiconductors
MK22FN128VMP10NXP Semiconductors
MK22FN1M0VLH10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK22FN1M0VLH12NXP Semiconductors
MK22FN1M0VLK10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK22FN1M0VLK12NXP Semiconductors
MK22FN1M0VLL10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK22FN1M0VLL12NXP Semiconductors
MK22FN1M0VLQ10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK22FN1M0VMC10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK22FN1M0VMC12NXP Semiconductors
MK22FN1M0VMD12NXP Semiconductors
MK22FN256VDC12NXP Semiconductors
MK22FN256VLH12NXP Semiconductors
MK22FN256VLL12NXP Semiconductors
MK22FN256VMP12NXP Semiconductors
MK22FN512VDC12NXP Semiconductors
MK22FN512VLH12NXP Semiconductors
MK22FN512VLL12NXP Semiconductors
MK22FN512VMP12NXP Semiconductors
MK22FX512VLH12NXP Semiconductors
MK22FX512VLK12NXP Semiconductors
MK22FX512VLL12NXP Semiconductors
MK22FX512VLQ12NXP Semiconductors
MK22FX512VMC12NXP Semiconductors
MK22FX512VMD12NXP Semiconductors
MK24FN1M0VDC12NXP Semiconductors
MK24FN1M0VLQ12NXP Semiconductors
MK26FN2M0CAC18RNXP Semiconductors
MK26FN2M0VLQ18NXP Semiconductors
MK26FN2M0VMD18NXP Semiconductors
MK26FN2M0VMI18NXP Semiconductors
MK30DN512VLK10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK30DN512VLL10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK30DN512VLQ10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK30DN512VMB10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK30DN512VMC10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK30DN512VMD10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK30DX128VEX7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK30DX128VLH7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK30DX128VLK7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK30DX128VLL7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK30DX128VLQ10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK30DX128VMC7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK30DX128VMD10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK30DX128VML7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK30DX256VEX7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK30DX256VLH7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK30DX256VLK7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK30DX256VLL7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK30DX256VLQ10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK30DX256VMC7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK30DX256VMD10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK30DX256VML7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK30DX64VEX7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK30DX64VLH7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK30DX64VLK7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK30DX64VMC7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK40DN512VLK10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK40DN512VLL10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK40DN512VLQ10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK40DN512VMB10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK40DN512VMC10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK40DN512VMD10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK40DX128VEX7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK40DX128VLH7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK40DX128VLK7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK40DX128VLL7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK40DX128VLQ10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK40DX128VMC7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK40DX128VMD10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK40DX128VML7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK40DX256VEX7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK40DX256VLH7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK40DX256VLK7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK40DX256VLL7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK40DX256VLQ10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK40DX256VMC7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK40DX256VMD10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK40DX256VML7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK40DX64VEX7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK40DX64VLH7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK40DX64VLK7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK40DX64VMC7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK50DN512CLL10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK50DN512CLQ10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK50DN512CMC10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK50DN512CMD10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK50DX128CEX7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK50DX128CLH7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK50DX128CLK7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK50DX128CLL7NXP Semiconductors
MK50DX128CMB7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK50DX128CMC7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK50DX256CLK10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK50DX256CLK7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK50DX256CLL10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK50DX256CLL7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK50DX256CMC10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK50DX256CMC7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK50DX256CMD10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK50DX256CML7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK51DN256CLQ10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK51DN256CMD10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK51DN512CLL10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK51DN512CLQ10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK51DN512CMC10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK51DN512CMD10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK51DX128CEX7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK51DX128CLH7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK51DX128CLK7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK51DX128CMC7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK51DX256CLK10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK51DX256CLK7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK51DX256CLL10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK51DX256CLL7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK51DX256CMC10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK51DX256CMC7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK51DX256CML7   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK52DN512CLQ10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK52DN512CMD10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK53DN512CLQ10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK53DN512CMD10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK53DX256CLQ10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK53DX256CMD10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK60DN256VLL10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK60DN256VLQ10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK60DN256VMC10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK60DN256VMD10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK60DN512VLL10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK60DN512VLQ10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK60DN512VMC10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK60DN512VMD10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK60DN512ZAB10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK60DN512ZCAB10NXP Semiconductors
MK60DN512ZCAB10RNXP Semiconductors
MK60DX256VLL10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK60DX256VLQ10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK60DX256VMC10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK60DX256VMD10   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK60FN1M0VLQ12   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK60FN1M0VLQ15   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK60FN1M0VMD12   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK60FN1M0VMD15   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK60FX512VLQ12   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK60FX512VLQ15   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK60FX512VMD12   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK60FX512VMD15   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK61FN1M0CAA12NXP Semiconductors
MK61FN1M0CAA12RNXP Semiconductors
MK61FN1M0VMD12   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK61FN1M0VMD15   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK61FN1M0VMJ12   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK61FN1M0VMJ15   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK61FX512VMD12   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK61FX512VMJ12   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK61FX512VMJ15   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK63FN1M0VLQ12NXP Semiconductors
MK63FN1M0VMD12NXP Semiconductors
MK64FN1M0VDC12NXP Semiconductors
MK64FN1M0VLL12NXP Semiconductors
MK64FN1M0VLQ12NXP Semiconductors
MK64FN1M0VMD12NXP Semiconductors
MK64FX512VDC12NXP Semiconductors
MK64FX512VLL12NXP Semiconductors
MK64FX512VLQ12NXP Semiconductors
MK64FX512VMD12NXP Semiconductors
MK65FN2M0CAC18RNXP Semiconductors
MK65FN2M0VMI18NXP Semiconductors
MK65FX1M0CAC18RNXP Semiconductors
MK65FX1M0VMI18NXP Semiconductors
MK66FN2M0VLQ18NXP Semiconductors
MK66FN2M0VMD18NXP Semiconductors
MK66FX1M0VLQ18NXP Semiconductors
MK66FX1M0VMD18NXP Semiconductors
MK70FN1M0VMJ12   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK70FN1M0VMJ15   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK70FX512VMJ12   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors
MK70FX512VMJ15   (KINETIS)NXP Semiconductors

uTrace for Cortex-M

Debug & Trace Solution for MK02FN128VFM10, MK02FN128VLF10, ...
(USB 3.0)
LA-4530 uTrace for Cortex-M


TRACE32 Modular Tool Chain

Debug Solution for MK02FN128VFM10, MK02FN128VLF10, ...
(USB 3.0)
LA-3500 PowerDebug Module USB 3.0
LA-7844 Debugger for Cortex-M (ARMv6/7/8 32-bit)

Debug Solution for MK02FN128VFM10, MK02FN128VLF10, ...
(USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet)
LA-3505 PowerDebug PRO Ethernet
LA-7844 Debugger for Cortex-M (ARMv6/7/8 32-bit)

Debug & Off-Chip Trace Solution for MK02FN128VFM10, MK02FN128VLF10, ...
(USB 3.0, Trace)
LA-3500 PowerDebug Module USB 3.0
LA-4502 CombiProbe ARM-Debugger and 4-Bit Trace
LA-7844A JTAG Debugger License for Cortex-M Add.

Debug & Off-Chip Trace Solution for MK02FN128VFM10, MK02FN128VLF10, ...
(USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet, Trace)
LA-3505 PowerDebug PRO Ethernet
LA-4502 CombiProbe ARM-Debugger and 4-Bit Trace
LA-7844A JTAG Debugger License for Cortex-M Add.


TRACE32 Tools and Support Contacts

Cortex-M JTAG Debugger
  • Easy high-level and assembler debugging
  • Interface to all compilers
  • RTOS awareness
  • Display of internal and external peripherals at a logical level
  • Flash programming
  • Powerful script language
  • Support for CoreSight components like Debug Access Port, Trace Funnel, Trace Port Interface Unit, Embedded Trace Buffer, Cross Trigger Interface, Cross Trigger Matrix, System Trace Port, Trace Memory Controller
  • Real-time access to system memory and peripheral registers through Debug Access Port without halting the core
  • Multicore debugging
  • Multiprocessor debugging
  • Software compatible to all TRACE32 tools
  • High-Speed download
  • Active Debugger controlled by PowerPC
Technical Support for
Cortex-M JTAG Debugger
CombiProbe for ARM®/Cortex®
  • Debug cable and 128 MB of trace memory
  • Supports standard JTAG, Serial Wire Debug and cJTAG (IEEE 1149.7)
  • For trace ports with up to 4 trace data channels
  • Bandwidth of 200 MBit/s per trace channel
  • Supports 4-bit MIPI System Trace
  • Adapter for SD or Micro SD socket to support MIPI NIDnT
  • Supports ITM over Serial Wire Output or 4-bit TPIU
  • Supports 4-bit ETMv3 in Continuous Mode
  • Adapters are available for most common connectors
  • Voltage range 0.3 V to 3.3 V (5V tolerant)
Technical Support for
CombiProbe for ARM~/Cortex~
ROM Monitor
  • Compatible with Emulator
  • Support for C,C++ and ASM
  • Communication via Eprom Simulator
  • Communication via RS232 or customized .DLL link
  • Windows9x, WindowsNT and Unix
  • Monitor Code with Source
  • Monitor Code Royalty Free
Technical Support for
ARM and XSCALE Monitor


Adaption for MIPI Debug Connectors (ARM)
Adaption for ARM Debug Connector

Software Interfaces for ARM

Compiler Interfaces


  • AIF
  • TI-C (TI)
  • COFF
  • COFF
  • ELF


  • ARM-SDT-2.50 (ARM)
  • GNU (FSF)
  • EXE/CV5


  • Mach-O
3rd Party Integration
3rd Party Tool Integration
3rd Party Simulations Tools
3rd Party Simulations
  • GDB
  • VIRTUALIZER and VDK (Synopsys, Inc)
  • COMET and METEOR (Synopsys, Inc)
  • (UltraSoC Technologies Ltd)

Software Interfaces for CORTEX-M

Realtime Kernel Debug Support
3rd Party Integration
3rd Party Tool Integration

Software Interfaces for CORTEX-M

Realtime Kernel Debug Support

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PowerDebug Module USB 3.0
Universal debug controller with
USB 3.0 for Windows/Linux/MacOSX

applicable for all TRACE32 debug cables

requires TRACE32 software DVD 2013/02 or newer



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PowerDebug PRO Ethernet
Universal debug controller,
1 Gbit Ethernet and
USB 3.0 (Windows/Linux/MacOSX)



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uTrace for Cortex-M
Supports Standard-JTAG and
Serial Wire Debug Port for ARM Cortex-M cores

Bandwidth of 200 MBit/s per trace channel

includes 256-MByte of trace RAM to support:
- ITM via Serial Wire Output/TPIU
- ETM Cortex-M continuous mode via TPIU (4-bit)

Trace Streaming up to 100 MByte/s:
- requires USB 3.0 (SuperSpeed) capable host computer
- recommended is an Intel 7 Series Express chipset
which has integrated USB 3.0 support

Concurrent debugging of two or more
Cortex-M cores requires a
License for Multicore Debugging (LA-7960X)



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Debugger for Cortex-M (ARMv6/7/8 32-bit)
Supports ARM Cortex-M cores

trace support ETM Cortex-M via ETB included

supports 5-pin standard JTAG, cJTAG and
Serial Wire Debug Port, (0.4 V - 5 V)

includes software for Windows, Linux and MacOSX

requires Power Debug Module

cJTAG and SWD require
Power Debug Interface USB 2.0/USB 3.0,
Power Debug Ethernet, PowerTrace, Power Debug II
or PowerDebug PRO




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JTAG Debugger License for Cortex-M Add.
Supports ARM Cortex-M cores
trace support ETM Cortex-M via ETB included

please add the base serial number of your debug
cable to your order


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JTAG Debugger Extension for Cortex-M
Supports ARM Cortex-M cores
trace support ETM Cortex-M via ETB included

requires a valid software guarantee or a valid
software maintenance key

please add the base serial number of your debug
cable to your order


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CombiProbe ARM-Debugger and 4-Bit Trace
Debug cable and 128-MByte of trace memory

Supports Standard-JTAG, cJTAG and
Serial Wire Debug Port

Bandwidth of 200 MBit/s per trace channel

requires at least one of the following A-licenses:
LA-7742A (JTAG Debugger License for ARM9 Add.)
LA-7746A (JTAG Debugger License for ARM7 Add.)
LA-7765A (JTAG Debugger License for ARM11 Add.)
LA-7843A (JTAG Debugger License for CORTEX-A Add.)
LA-7844A (JTAG Debugger License for CORTEX-M Add.)

Trace support (up to 4-bit) included:
- MIPI System Trace
- ITM via Serial Wire Output/TPIU
- ETM Cortex-M continuous mode via TPIU

Supports the following trace licenses:
LA-7970X (Trace License for the ARM Architecture)

requires Power Debug Interface USB 2.0/USB 3.0,
Power Debug Ethernet, PowerTrace, Power Debug II
or Power Debug PRO

5V tolerant inputs; max. output level 3.3V




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ROM Monitor for ARM family Serial Access UD
supports ARM family
includes HLL debugger, operation system,

licensed for one host system via USB dongle
for Windows32, Windows64, Linux32, Linux64
and MAC OS X

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