Chip Support and Configurations for DSP56F8122, DSP56F8123, DSP56F8135, ...

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Configuration Examples

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DSP56F8122NXP Semiconductors
DSP56F8123NXP Semiconductors
DSP56F8135NXP Semiconductors
DSP56F8145NXP Semiconductors
DSP56F8146NXP Semiconductors
DSP56F8147NXP Semiconductors
DSP56F8155NXP Semiconductors
DSP56F8156NXP Semiconductors
DSP56F8157NXP Semiconductors
DSP56F8165NXP Semiconductors
DSP56F8166NXP Semiconductors
DSP56F8167NXP Semiconductors
DSP56F8322NXP Semiconductors
DSP56F8323NXP Semiconductors
DSP56F8335NXP Semiconductors
DSP56F8345NXP Semiconductors
DSP56F8346NXP Semiconductors
DSP56F8347NXP Semiconductors
DSP56F8355NXP Semiconductors
DSP56F8356NXP Semiconductors
DSP56F8357NXP Semiconductors
DSP56F8365NXP Semiconductors
DSP56F8366NXP Semiconductors
DSP56F8367NXP Semiconductors

TRACE32 Modular Tool Chain

Debug Solution for DSP56F8122, DSP56F8123, DSP56F8135, ...
(USB 3.0)
LA-3500 PowerDebug Module USB 3.0
LA-7738 BDM Debugger for DSP56800 and DSP56800E (ICD)


TRACE32 Tools and Support Contacts

DSP56800 and DSP56800E Debugger
  • Full HLL and ASM support available
  • Batch Processing
  • Unlimited Software Breakpoints
  • Onchip Breakpoints
  • Flash Programming
  • Nonintrusive Performance Profiling
Technical Support for
DSP56800 and DSP56800E Debugger

Software Interfaces for 56800

Compiler Interfaces


  • CODEWARRIOR (NXP Semiconductors)
3rd Party Integration
3rd Party Tool Integration

Peripheral Definitions and Menus

PER56F83XX.PER (see updates)

Software Updates

_ICDDSP56K_win.zipUpdate for DSP56K27.52MB / 11-May-2016
_ICDDSP56K_win64.zipUpdate for DSP56K34.77MB / 11-May-2016
_ICDDSP56K_linux.tar.gzUpdate for DSP56K27.19MB / 11-May-2016
_ICDDSP56K_linux64.tar.gzUpdate for DSP56K27.83MB / 11-May-2016
_ICDDSP56K_sun.tar.gzUpdate for DSP56K20.06MB / 11-May-2016
_ICDDSP56K_mac64.tar.gzUpdate for DSP56K16.07MB / 11-May-2016
_ICDDSP56K_eth.zipUpdate for DSP56K7.87MB / 11-May-2016

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PowerDebug Module USB 3.0
Universal debug controller with
USB 3.0 for Windows/Linux/MacOSX

applicable for all TRACE32 debug cables

requires TRACE32 software DVD 2013/02 or newer



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BDM Debugger for DSP56800 and DSP56800E (ICD)
supports DSP568xx and DSP5683xx

includes software for Windows, Linux and MacOSX

requires Power Debug Module
Not supported by PowerDebug PRO

debug cable with 14 pin connector

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