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Lauterbach is the world's largest producer of hardware assisted debug tools. Our engineering team has more than 35 years experience in making world class debuggers and emulators.

Our product line TRACE32® supports technologies like JTAG, BDM, NEXUS or ETM with embedded debuggers, software and hardware trace and logic analyzer systems for over 3500 cores and CPUs within 250 families like ARM9, ARM11, CORTEX, PowerPC, MIPS, TriCore, etc.

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Support for Infineons´s 2nd
  Generation of AURIX™ family

TRACE32 supports TI´ Embedded
  Vision Engine (EVE)

Lauterbach joins the Marvell
  ARMADA Ecosystem

TRACE32® supports Qualcomm®
  Hexagon™ DSP Processor


ARM Technology Conference 25-Oct-2016
Santa Clara, CA    25-Oct-2016

Intel SoC FPGA Developer Forum 01-Nov-2016
Tokyo    01-Nov-2016

Intel SoC FPGA Developer Forum 08-Nov-2016
Beijing    08-Nov-2016

Infineon Automotive Developer Conference 2016 08-Nov-2016
Shanghai    08-Nov-2016

Embedded Technology 2016 16-Nov-2016
Yokohama    16-Nov-2016


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