TRACE32 Training for China

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If you are interested in a group or a specialized training, please contact the trainer listed below. He will then arrange a date for the online training with you. The following trainings are free of charge; however, registration is necessary.

DATES 2022

   MARCH 22nd

   MAY 17th

   JULY 19th


   NOVEMBER 22nd

   APRIL 19th

   JUNE 21st

   AUGUST 23rd

   OCTOBER 18th

   DECEMBER 20th


   Basic Debugging


   Lauterbach (Suzhou) Technologies Co., Ltd

   Hengyu Square, Rm 1207

   No. 188 Xinghai Street

   Suzhou, 215021

   P.R. of China
   Mr. Frank Xing

   phone: +86 512 62658030 -105


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