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For more than 20 years Arm/Cortex have been our top-selling architectures. New debug and trace features are almost always implemented first for these architectures and this helps to drive our own innovations in debug technology. Thanks to the close cooperation with Arm we are ready with our development tools when new chips are coming.

Today, Arm/Cortex cores can be combined with almost any other core architecture into a multicore chip. TRACE32 supports all these chips with its heterogeneous multicore debugging, even the most complex debug and trace infrastructures. Currently, highly popular are combinations with ARC, Hexagon, TI DSPs and Xtensa.

Cortex-A/-R/-X Armv9

Neoverse Armv9

Cortex-A/-R/-X Armv8

Neoverse Armv8

Cortex-A Armv7

Cortex-R Armv7




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