Trace Features


Code Coverage

In order to be able to assess the reliability of an embedded system, the quality of the tests used plays a decisive role. Code coverage analysis is one of the most important tools for measuring test quality. This analysis can be used to determine whether all possible program parts or branches are actually executed by the test stimuli used or the functional tests used, i.e., whether no code is forgotten during testing that could later lead to incorrect behavior. With our TRACE32® trace modules, you can perform a code coverage analysis non-invasively, without instrumentation, and thus without violating the runtime behavior. It supports all metrics mandatory for functional safety and provides intuitive evaluation and easy report-generation processes.


AUTOSAR Profiling

Profiling is the process of recording, analyzing, and evaluating the timing behavior of an embedded system. AUTOSAR profiling involves profiling the runtime behavior of an AUTOSAR-based application. With the resulting data, you can cover use cases such as CPU load analysis, event-chain analysis, timing requirements validation, timing constraint validation, OS metric calculation, and more. Our TRACE32® trace tools are an established part of the AUTOSAR Classic timing tool chain and support ARTI profiling for the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform as well. The trace data generated for ARTI profiling can be streamed to the host computer at program runtime, which allows for very long recording times.


Energy Profiling

Reducing energy consumption is important for many embedded designs. Energy is the product of current, voltage, and time. Each of these parameters can be influenced by the control software. Therefore software developers have to constantly attempt to find the optimum for these three parameters with respect to their application. We offer two probes to measure voltage and current over time. TRACE32® allows the recorded current and voltage to be directly correlated in time with the program flow recorded by one of the TRACE32 trace tools. This makes identifying program parts with high or unexpected energy consumption easy.