TPU Debugger (68332, MPC55x/56x)

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TPU Debugger (68332, MPC55x/56x)
Full support of TPU1, TPU2 and TPU3
Step and Go commands
Supports all TPU Breakpoints
Disassembler for Microinstructions
Monitor all TPU Registers during stepping
Modify TPU internal Registers
Display of Entry Points
Peripheral View of TPU Registers
The TPU Debugger allows debugging the TPU (Timing Processor Unit) found on many Motorola Devices. It allows setting break conditions on different events and single stepping the TPU microcode while watching the internal registers of the TPU.

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Technical Support



TPU Debugger

TPU Configuration

TPU Program Display

TPU Register Display



Single Step
Manual Break
Breakpoint on Channel
Breakpoint on uPC
Breakpoints on special events
Dump Control Storee
Disassemble Microcode
Disassemble Entry Points
Show Peripheral Registers
Show Internal Registers
Modify Internal Registers

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