Trigger Probe for PODBUS

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Trigger probe for PODBUS and ICD

Trigger Probe for PODBUS
Works with ICE, FIRE and ICD
Asynchronous Trigger
Synchrounous Trigger
Pulse Width Trigger
Glitch Trigger
Scope Trigger Output
The trigger probe is a small box connected to the PODBUS, which brings the trigger capability of high-end DSOs to the emulator or in-circuit debugger.

Trigger signals can be combined, sampled synchronously by complex clock signals or checked for glitches. An pulse width detection system can trigger, if pulse width are larger or less a specified time.

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Trigger probe for PODBUS and ICD

Complex triggering with 8 input signals

Data triggering on high-low-don't care

Clock triggering on combined clock signals

Combined Clock/Date Trigger

Glitch trigger < 5ns

Pulse width trigger less or more than 20 ns to 6 ms

Fixed threshold level 1.4V

Trigger output

  • PODBUS (intertrigger system)
  • Universal counter
  • DSO

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