Stimuli Generator

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Stimuli Generator
Pattern Generator
Analog Lines
Connection Tester

Stimuli Generator
64 Digital Channels
12 Analog Channels
Pulse Generator
Pattern Generator
Connection Tester
The STIMULI generator is made for automated testing of embedded systems in the development and production phase. It support digital and analogous signals.

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Stimuli Generator

8 channel groups with 8 Bits each

Output enable for each channel group

Each line can be individually defined

  • Low (max. -25 mA)
  • High (max. 25 mA at 3.3 V)
  • Pulse output
  • Input (TTL)

Outputs Short Circuit Protected

Every line can be supplied by internal pulse generator

  • 200ns resolution
  • Max. 1s pulse width
  • 1 Hz ... 1,25 MHz repetition rate
  • Single pulse

Every line can be sampled by frequency counter

  • max. 10 MHz frequency
  • Pulse width 100ns resolution
  • Period time
  • Glitch detection

Logical names can be used for channels and channel groups


Pattern Generator

Pattern Display

  • List Mode
  • Timing Mode

64 Channels

20ns Cycle Time

External/Internal Clock

  • 50 MHz internal
  • 0..50 MHz external
  • Rising/falling edge
  • Single step

Clock Qualifier

  • High
  • Low
  • Don't care

Trigger Input

  • BUS
  • External
  • Trigger mode
    • High
    • Low
    • Rising
    • Falling

Clock Enable Input

Trigger Output to BUS

Retrigger Function

  • Wait for trigger
  • Restart

Pattern Definition

  • Standby
  • Set
  • Repeat
  • (block)
  • Delay
  • Wait
  • Restart
  • Stop


Analog Lines

Analog input channels

  • 8 channels single 0..5 V
  • 4 channels differentiell

4 Analog Outputs

  • 0..5 V

Logic state tester

  • Low
  • High
  • Pulse
  • Tristate (floating)


Connection Tester

Connection tester for powered target systems

  • 0..5 V test range
  • 10 Ohm test sensitivity

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