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Trace Function
Chart Function
Performance Analyzer with Snooper

Samples memory while application is running
Support for special debug communication channels
All trace display and analysis functions can be used
Trigger on specific values
Dynamic performance analysis
The SNOOPER feature provides a low or non intrusive way to sample data while the target is running. The data can either be sampled by reading selected memory areas or by reading from a special communication port (ARM).

When the on-chip debug logic supports memory reads while the CPU is executing the program (68HC12, C166CBC, C166SV2, TRICORE, ColdFire, MPC56x-Nexus, TI320) the tracing can be done without stopping the target CPU or modifying the target program.

Technical Support



The snooper is controller like a "real" analyzer. The sampling rate depends on the target interface. It can be up to 100000. samples/second for some targets. A trigger system allows to watch for specific values and either stop the target or the trace on the occurence of a pattern.

Trace Function

All trace display commands can be used to display the sampled data in various formats and make statistical or graphical analysis of the data. The snooper samples data information over the time. The protcol display API allows to implement complex custom display and analysis functions. The traced data can also be saved and used for comparisons.

Chart Function

The timecharts can display variables graphically (in various formats) or display statistical results graphically (e.g. distribution of values).

Performance Analyzer with Snooper

The snooping method can also be used by the profiling performance analyzer. It can dynamically display the distribution of values. This can also be done as a timechart. A typical application is to display the time spent in different tasks of an application.

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