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SmartTrace, the intelligent software for trace analysis
Fills in missing code
Direct branch reconstruction
Indirect branch reconstuction with CTS
Memory and Register values from CTS
Support for ARM-ETM, NEXUS-PowerPC, SH4
The bandwidth provided by the program flow trace interface is usually too small to provide a full instruction & data trace for high speed systems. The result is that important information may be missing in the trace - even the instruction flow is incomplete. This can make a conventional trace useless.

SmartTrace fills the Gap

The unique SmartTrace software allows now to to reconstruct the missing code and data information. It is using artifical intelligence and the power of the CTS (Context Tracking System) to reconstruct the missing trace information. This allows in most cases to provide a full HLL trace, including variables, with a narrow ETM port.

Conventional ETM trace with gap caused by fifo overflow

Assembler level view of trace after reconstruction with Smarttrace

HLL view of trace after reconstruction

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