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Why Lauterbach IN COMPANY

Lauterbach is a trusted partner at the side of the world's leading technology companies, enabling their innovations for a smarter, more sustainable world. 


MIPS - Lauterbach TRACE32 Debugger and Trace Solutions

"uITRON VxWorks Wind River Systems Compiler (4) Product Company Language GCC GNU Compiler Collection C,..." "C++, GCC GREEN-HILLS-C++ Greenhills Software Inc...." "C++ SDE Imagination Technologies C++ TCC TASKING C The following features are available for all architectures..."

Hexagon Debug & Trace Solutions IN SUPPORTED PLATFORMS

Benefit from our leading edge tools to debug Hexagon DSPs and HVX co-processors in Qualcomm Snapdragon Mobile, Snapdragon Automotive, Cloud AI and other chips.

"Hexagon Target OS (1) Product Company QuRT Qualcomm Compiler (1) Product Company Language LLVM Qualcomm C,..." "C++ Simulators, Emulators and Virtual Targets (2) Product Company GDB QUALCOMM HEXAGON SIMULATOR Qualcomm..."

Our CombiProbe 2 is a compact debug and trace system that provides our full feature set to embedded systems with compact trace ports of up to 4 bits wide.

"GByte Up to 8 GByte Max...." "Technical data: Voltage range 1.0V to 1.8V, 8 HOOK pins, 2 JTAG ports...." "LA-7844A Debug Cortex-M (Armv6/7/8 32-bit) Add. LA-7843A Debug Cortex-A/-R (Armv7 32-bit) Add...." "Supports 8 HOOK pins and 2 JTAG ports. Voltage range 1.0V to 1.8V...." "Supports 8 HOOK pins and 2 JTAG ports. Voltage range 1.0V to 1.8V...."

PowerDebug X50 IN PRODUCTS

PowerDebug X50 is the most advanced debug tool created so far. Is the gateway to unlimited debug capabilities meeting your challenges today and in the future.

"Adding a PowerTrace Serial to your system will allow you to sample up to 8 lanes of Aurora, PCIe, or..."


Our PowerTrace III trace module is the best trace tool available for parallel trace ports, letting you get the maximum data throughput out of your device.

"Multi-Core Devices Store data from multiple cores simultaneously in the large high-speed buffer (up to 8..." "Product PowerTrace Serial 2 PowerTrace III PowerTrace II Lite CombiProbe 2  Memory Size 4 GByte or 8..." "Mbit/s per line @ 36 lines Two ports with up to 4 lines each 400 Mbit/s per line Serial Trace Up to 8..." "lanes with 2 12.5 Gbit/s per lane @ 8 lanes 22.5 Gbit/s per lane @ 4 lanes 7 PCIe Gen.2/3 x8, PCIe Gen..." "More details Add to cart PowerTrace III 8 GigaByte LA-2520 Universal Trace Port Recorder with 8 GigaByte..."

RH850 Debug & Trace Solutions IN SUPPORTED PLATFORMS

From very low-power single-core chips up to high-performance multicore chips, your RH850 application can be improved using our Debug and Trace Tools.

"C CUBESUITE+ Renesas Electronics Corp. C, C++ GREENHILLS-C Greenhills Software Inc...." "C, C++ ICCRH850 IAR Systems AB C, C++ VX-RH850 TASKING C Simulators, Emulators and Virtual Targets (6..."

PowerDebug is a powerful, modular, flexible debug system that provides the broadest coverage of supported chips and core architectures in the embedded industry.

µTrace® is a cost-effective, but powerful, all-in-one debug and trace solution for Arm® Cortex-M microcontrollers and for debugging 32-bit RISC V cores.

"Extension connectors PodBus and PodBus Express PodBus N/A N/A Trace Port Width (Max.) 32 parallel lines2 or 8..." "MByte/s up to 200 / 140 MByte/s up to 200 / 140 MByte/s up to 200 / 140 MByte/s5 Trace Memory Size 8..."