System Controller 32 Bit

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System Controller 32 Bit
Up to 50 MIPS
Max. 64 MByte Memory
Parallel Interface
Ethernet Interface
USB Interface
Master-Slave Synchronisation
The heart of the TRACE32 Development System is the System Controller. It is the link between the target system and the host and therefore its performance determines the overall performance of the combined development system. The use of a 32 bit CPU and a large directly addressable memory allows the use of a fast, memory oriented software structure, which is essential for high-performance systems development. This shift of emphasis from the host to the TRACE32 results in a considerable improvement in overall system performance and also significantly reduces host system dependency. By the fast interface to the host (fiber optic or ETHERNET), download speeds between 100 KByte/sec to 1 MByte/sec are typical. The communications interface card is interchangeable so that other systems may be accommodated.

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  • CPU with 32 bit architecture and up to 50 MIPs throughput
  • Maximum 64 MByte DRAM
  • Universal, CPU independent multiprocessor system bus

Power Supply

  • 90W with short circuit and temperature protection
  • Electronic controlled fan

Parallel Interface

  • Direct Connection to Printer Port on MS-DOS Computers, no Interface Card needed
  • Recommended for LAPTOPs and 8 Bit Applications
  • Supporta EPP Mode

USB Interface

  • 12 MHz

Ethernet Interface

  • Direct Twisted-Pair Connection
  • AUI Interface

Master-Slave Synchronisation

  • Up to 4 Emulators or Logic Analyzer systems can be synchronized
  • Start-Stop Synchronisation
  • Time-Stamp Synchronisation

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