TRACE32 Floating Licenses

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How to Get Your RLM Host ID
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TRACE32 Floating Licenses
An RLM Host ID is required in order to register for TRACE32 floating licenses
Lauterbach is using the Reprise License Manager (RLM) to maintain its floating licenses. In order to generate a floating license Lauterbach needs to receive the RLM Host ID of your license server.

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Technical Support
[]  Reprise Software, Inc. - RLM License Admin (End-User) Bundle Download

Download Lauterbach Certificate SHA1=2D0DA3F74AC8ED0D5D81D444E726553F327D49BE


How to Get Your RLM Host ID

• Download and install the RLM Server Software for your RLM License Server machine.

[LINK]Reprise Software, Inc. - RLM End-User Bundle Download

• Query the RLM host ID.

• Via web browser: (Note: you need a running RLM server for this!)
Go to "http://<your.license.server>:5054/"
Click on "System Info", then note down the 12-digit "Ethernet: xxxxxxxxxxxx" rlmhostid.

• Via rlmutil: Open a command shell on your RLM License Server machine, and invoke the command
"[/rlm_installation_path/]rlmutil rlmhostid -ether":

This is how the result looks on Linux:

This is how the result looks on Windows:

If there is more than one value for the Ethernet ID, please send all of them.

Further Information

[LINK]Documentation: How to Use TRACE32 Floating Licenses

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