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TRACE32 Remote API

The TRACE32 Remote API enables Lauterbach customers to control TRACE32 and access the device under test from another program. Typical use cases are:
  • Integration of TRACE32 into an automated production environment
  • Using TRACE32 as an interface to the device under test for test and measurement systems
  • Using TRACE32 as an interface to the device under test for third party tools
The TRACE32 Remote API can be used to control several TRACE32 PowerView instances simultaneously. This is possible by establishing one socket stream per PowerView instance. It does not matter whether the device under test is a physical or virtual target or an instruction set simulator.



TRACE32 Remote API Clients

Remote API clients can be written in Python 3.6+ or C:
  • Lauterbach offers a native Python interface to the TRACE32 Remote API for developers who want to write their remote API client in Python. This interface is being released into the public domain under the MIT Open Source License. The native Python interface will also be published on pypi.org.

  • Lauterbach offers the C source code of the client interface for developers who want to write their own remote API client in C. The source code can be used freely, provided that the associated license terms and conditions are accepted.

  • Other programming languages that support using shared libraries may be used as well.
All client interfaces offer the ability to call scripts written in the TRACE32 script language, PRACTICE. Start-up scripts, flash programming scripts and the like can continue to be used unchanged.

Remote API and Third-Party Tools

An important goal of Lauterbach is to have open interfaces so that special purpose tools from third-party manufacturers can easily interact with the TRACE32 tools. The TRACE32 Remote API offers third party vendors the potential to control TRACE32. Lauterbach, for example, provides an interface to LabVIEW, which allows the virtual instruments in LabVIEW to control TRACE32.

More Details on our Python Interface

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