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TRACE32 and Arduino Pro
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TRACE32 and Arduino Pro

With TRACE32 you can debug the applications running on your Arduino Pro Portenta H7 board via the GDB protocol.
All you need is your Portenta H7 board, a USB cable, some free TRACE32 software, and a free license, which you can request on this page.

Alternatively you can do a lot more with µTrace or one of our other professional debug tools, like debugging the complete software stack on your Portenta H7 or trace program execution in real-time.


Get the Debug Software

To debug your Portenta H7 board download the software package "Debugger for GDB target (Arduino Pro)" from here.


Request a GDB Debug License for Arduino Pro

To debug your Portenta H7 board with TRACE32 via GDB you require a free license.

Please fill out the following form and click on "Email me the license key." (All fields are mandatory.)
You will receive your license code by email.

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Please enter the 7 characters from the yellow round image (labeled "Captcha Clock") in clockwise order beginning from the marker "START". (Letters are not case sensitive.)
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Here is a tutorial about using the free version of TRACE32 with Arduino Pro:

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