Live-Recordings from Automotive Forum 2015

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Automotive Forum 2015 - Meet the Debug Experts

Recording Automotive Forum 2015

The debug experts of Lauterbach are presenting our brand new features for debugging automotive chips. These live-recordings are covering a wide range of important topics including Power ArchitectureTM Tracing Features, Renesas RH850 Debug and Trace Support, Efficient Analysis of RTOS and Data Traces, Structural Coverage Analysis and Trace Timing Evaluation with 3rd Party Tools.

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Automotive Forum 2015 - Meet the Debug Experts

Deep Dive into Power ArchitectureTM Tracing Features by Reinhard Weiss (ca. 40 min)


Renesas RH850 Debug and Trace Support by Elmar Stahleder (ca. 24 min)


Efficient Analysis of RTOS and Data Traces by Michael Eick (ca. 35 min)


Trace Timing Evaluation with 3rd Party Tools by Rudolf Dienstbeck (ca. 41 min)


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