AURIX High-speed Serial Trace

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Supported Trace Sources
Details and Configurations

AURIX High-speed Serial Trace
High-speed serial trace probe
Compatible to Aurora GigaBit Trace
Support of one differential lane (TRACE32 serial trace probe allows up to 4 lanes)
Support of 2,5 Gbit/s lane speed (TRACE32 serial trace probe allows up to 6,25 Gbit/s)
Up to 4 GByte trace buffer size
Support for TC264DA, TC264DE, TC265DE, TC275TA, TC275TE, TC275TF, TC277TA, TC277TE, TC277TF, TC297TA, TC297TE, TC297TF, TC298TE, TC298TF, TC299TE, TC299TF, TC2D5TE, TC2D7TE
Lauterbach has been providing serial trace probes for more than 5 years. We are proud to add the Infineon AURIX™ family to the 5 other processor architectures we already support.

AURIX TC27x - Over 10 years of Multicore Debugging makes the difference!


Supported Trace Sources

Trace information generated by the following trace sources can be exported via the serial trace interface:
  • TriCore program trace
  • TriCore data trace
  • Data transfers on internal peripheral bus (SPB)
  • Data transfers on up to two arbitrary SRI (Shared Resource Interconnect) slaves
  • GTM trace - MCS (Multi Channel Sequencer) program
  • GTM trace - ARU (Advanced Routing Unit)
  • GTM trace - I/O channels (see picture below)


Details and Configurations

Lauterbach GmbH supports all available AURIX™ devices. New derivatives will be added as soon as they become available (do not hestitate to contact us).

For detailed configuration information click on your chip:
TC264DAInfineon Technologies AG
TC264DEInfineon Technologies AG
TC265DEInfineon Technologies AG
TC275TAInfineon Technologies AG
TC275TEInfineon Technologies AG
TC275TFInfineon Technologies AG
TC277TAInfineon Technologies AG
TC277TEInfineon Technologies AG
TC277TFInfineon Technologies AG
TC297TAInfineon Technologies AG
TC297TEInfineon Technologies AG
TC297TFInfineon Technologies AG
TC298TEInfineon Technologies AG
TC298TFInfineon Technologies AG
TC299TEInfineon Technologies AG
TC299TFInfineon Technologies AG
TC2D5TEInfineon Technologies AG
TC2D7TEInfineon Technologies AG

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