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Parallel NEXUS Adapter with AutoFocus technology
for Qorivva MPC5xxx/SPC5xxx and PX series

includes debugger for eTPU and GTM

Concurrent debugging of multiple e200 cores on
multicore processors requires a
License for Multicore Debugging (LA-7960X)
(not necessary for lockstep mode)

Voltage range:
1..5 V
TRACE port:
2..16 MDO (data) lines
1..2 MSEO (control) lines
Data Bandwidth:
up to 200 MBit/s

76-pin mictor connector requires one of the
following converters

LA-7631 for Mictor 38 on target
LA-7632 for Glenair 51 on target
LA-7636 for SAMTEC 50 on target
LA-7637 for SAMTEC 20 on target

includes software for Windows, Linux and MacOSX

requires PowerTrace hardware

please contact Lauterbach if the serial number of
your PowerTrace is lower than E03010003982

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