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uTrace for Cortex-M
out of production
Supports 5-pin standard JTAG, cJTAG and
Serial Wire Debug Port for Arm Cortex-M cores

Bandwidth of 200 MBit/s per trace channel

includes 256-MByte of trace RAM to support:
- ITM via Serial Wire Output/TPIU
- ETM Cortex-M continuous mode via TPIU (4-bit)

Trace Streaming up to 100 MByte/s requires
USB 3.0 (SuperSpeed) capable host computer

Concurrent debugging of two or more
Cortex-M cores requires a
License for Multicore Debugging (LA-7960X)

LA-1937 MIPI-Half-Size-Cable 34-10
LA-1938 MIPI-Half-Size-Cable 34-20
LA-1939 MIPI-Half-Size-Cable 34
LA-3771 ARM Converter MIPI-34 to ARM-20 or TI-14
LA-1952 Wall Mount Power Supply
LA-1942 USB-2 Cable
LA-1943 USB-3 Cable

Superseded by LA-3204 MicroTrace for Cortex-M (PACK)

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