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out of production
debug cable with license bundle

includes software for Windows, Linux and MacOSX

Power Debug Interface USB 2.0/USB 3.0,
Power Debug Ethernet, PowerTrace, Power Debug II
or PowerDebug PRO

Automotive Debug Cable 26-pin

Consists of
LA-3739 Debugger for RH850/V850 Automotive
LA-3734X Trace Support for RH850 (Debug Cable/COB)
LA-3407I GTM tracing included
LA-7756A Debugger for TriCore Additional
LA-8017I TRACE32-ICD Software Warranty First Year
LA-3403I GTM debugging included
LA-3406I PCP debugging included
LA-3799X Trace License for TriCore ED
LA-3407I GTM tracing included
LA-1947 Automotive HALF-SIZE-CABLE 26-10
LA-1948 Automotive HALF-SIZE-CABLE 26-20
LA-1949 Automotive HALF-SIZE-CABLE 26-26

Superseded by LA-2714 Debug-Bundle TriCore/RH850 Automotive PRO

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