Power Debug Interface USB 3

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Extensions and Configuration
Supported Processor Lines

Support for over 80 microprocessor architectures, e.g. ARM, Cortex, Power Architecture, Intel x86/x64, etc.
Universal debug module, connect to target via architecture-dependent debug cables
Universal debug module, connect to target via CombiProbe for debugging and 4-bit System Trace
USB3.0 interface to all hosts
PODBUS interface to Logic Analyzer modules, e.g. PowerProbe, PowerIntegrator
Trigger connector to send and receive trigger pulses

Technical Support


Extensions and Configuration

Thanks to the modularity concept of Lauterbach, the tools are designed around base modules which are universal and architecture-independent. PowerDebug USB 3 as a debug module will then be connected to the target via architecture-specific debug cables or CombiProbe, which support over 80 microprocessor architectures in use in the embedded-market. CombiProbe is used mainly for Intel® x86 architecture. PowerDebug USB 3 is a standalone module without trace extension, if trace is required or faster upload and download speed is preferred, please visit PowerDebug PRO.

The following picture shows the extensions of PowerDebug USB 3 and configuration examples.
Configuration of PowerDebug USB 3

Supported Processor Lines

To have an overview of the debug features and specialities of a certain microprocessor architecture, please select from the list:



Medium-speed Logic Analyzer (PowerProbe)
  • Timing Analyzer up to 400 MHz
  • State Analyzer up to 100 MHz
  • 64 Input Channels
  • Transient Recording
  • Time Correlation with RISC Trace
  • Clock Qualifier for State Clock
  • Mixed State and Timing Mode
  • 4 State Clock Inputs
  • Optional FPGA Onchip Trace
  • Optional Pattern Generator
  • Protocol Support for CAN, USB, etc.
High-speed Logic Analyzer (PowerIntegrator)
  • Timing Analyzer with 500 MHz on all Channels
  • State Analyzer up to 200 MHz DDR
  • 204 Input Channels
  • Transient Recording
  • Time Correlation with other Tracetools
  • Clock Qualifier for State Clock
  • Mixed State and Timing Mode
  • 4 Clock Inputs
  • MICTOR and Standard Probes (single ended)
  • MICTOR differential Probes
  • Analog Voltage and Current Probe
  • 3G/DigRF Protocol Support

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