Port Analyzer

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Port Analyzer

Port Analyzer
64 Channels
10 MHz Timing
Slave Operation to State Analyzer
Time Stamp
List and Timing Display
The port analyzer is a special analyzer tool with 64 channels for sampling peripheral port on the emulation chip. It can run in state mode together with the state analyzer or separtely with up to 10 MHz sampling rate as a timing analyzer system.



Port Analyzer

64 Additional Trace Channels

  • Samples all ports

64 Channel Input Multiplexer

  • Switches selected port to universal counter/glitch detector

2 Operation Modes

  • State (slave to SA120)
  • Timing (10 MHz max.)

Sampling Rate (Timing)

  • 10 MHz ... 100 Hz (1-2-5)

Trace Storage

  • 32 K normal operation
  • 16K prestore mode

Trigger Modes

  • Level High
  • Level Low
  • Rising Edge
  • Falling Edge

Trigger Inputs

  • Trigger lines (system bus)
  • Port (input MUX)
  • RUN-Signal

Trigger Delay

  • 0.2us ... 100s

Time Stamp

  • Resolution 100us within 300 days

List Display

Timing Display

Frame Display

State Display

Complex Search and Compare Functions

Load and Save Function

Time Correlation to State and Timing Analyzer

Reference Marks and Time Measurement

Signal Analysis with Universal Counter

  • Frequency
  • Period
  • Pulse width
  • Event count
  • Event profile
  • Event trigger

Power Consumption

  • 3 W

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