PODBUS Interface Card

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PODBUS Interface Card
High-Speed Interface PC to ICD
No extra Power Supply nedded
Integrated Universal Counter
The interface card rebuilds the high-speed PODBUS interface on a PC (ISA bus). The transmission speed on the PODBUS is 10 MBit/sec, resulting in an effective transfer rate of 500 KByte/sec. Up to 8 PODBUS instruments can be adapted. The PODBUS devices are supplied by the PC power supply.



PODBUS Interface

  • Controls up to 8 PODBUS devices
  • 10 MBit/sec transfer rate
  • Max. 1.5 A supply current

Universal Counter

  • Frequency
  • Puls Width
  • Period
  • Event Count
  • Level Detection
  • Variable Gate Time
  • 48 Bit Event Count


  • Input to stop emulation
  • Output on emulation stop

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