Sample-based Profiling

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Sample-based Profiling
Long-time performance analysis for functions
Long-time performance analysis for tasks
Long-time analysis of the contents of a variable or memory location and more

Technical Support


Performance Analysis for Functions

Shows which function is consuming most of the processor run-time.

Further analysis

  • Performance analyisis based on hll line
  • Performance analyisis based on modules
  • Performance analyisis based on predefined code ranges (S10, S100, S1000)
  • Performance analyisis based on user defined code ranges by using the performance programming file

Performance Analysis for Tasks

Shows which task is consuming most of the processor run-time.  

Analysis of a Variable

Analysis of all values of a variable over the run-time.

Further analysis

  • Performance of the contents of a memory location over the run-time

Measurement Method

The data for the performance analysis are collected using various measurement methods. The method depends on the TRACE32 development tool used.

In-Circuit Debugger TRACE32-ICD

A statistic measurement method is used that collects data all 10 ms.

In-Circuit Debugger TRACE32-ICD with RISC Trace Extension or TRACE32-PowerTrace

A statistic measurement method is used that collects data all 2 ms.


A statistic measurement method is used that collects data all 100 us.


TRACE32-ICE provides an array of 64 counters. Each counter can be used to count the time in a specific funtion, module or task. The resolution of each counter is 1 us.

If more then 64 functions, modules or tasks should be analysed a special scan mode can be used. In scan mode TRACE32-ICE calculates the 32 most time-consuming functions, modules or tasks.

Cache Analysis

Trace-based Cache Analysis
  • Basic support for all microcontrollers
  • Advanced support for ARM architecture
  • Optimize instruction and data cache usage
  • Find bus transfer bottlenecks
  • Verify effects of code optimisation
  • Simulate effects of different cache sizes
  • Various graphical and numerical displays

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