AVR32 NEXUS Debugger and Trace

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Nexus Trace
IDE - Integrated Development Environment
Details and Configurations

AVR32 NEXUS Debugger and Trace
Fast high-level and assembler debugging
Support for NEXUS standard class 1 to 3+
6 MDO pins
Branch Trace Messages
Data Read/Write Messages
Ownership Trace Messages, Watchpoint Trace Messages
Trace Enable Filter, Trace ON/OFF
Trace Trigger
Up to 4 GByte trace memory
Performance analysis
Trace-based debugging (CTS)
Code coverage
The Lauterbach product TRACE32-PowerTrace/NEXUS supports the NEXUS standard class 1 to 3+ (depending on device features). The hardware module for the NEXUS debugger is universal and allows to interface different target processors by simply changing the NEXUS adapter and starting a new software.

Technical Support


Nexus Trace

Trace Storage

  • Up to 4 GByte trace memory
  • Up to 268 Million Frames
  • 10 ns or 5 ns time stamp resolution
  • Time correlation and tracking with other TRACE32 tools

IDE - Integrated Development Environment



Adaptation for NEXUS AVR32


Details and Configurations

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