AVR32 NEXUS Debugger and Trace

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Nexus Trace
IDE - Integrated Development Environment
Details and Configurations

AVR32 NEXUS Debugger and Trace
Fast high-level and assembler debugging
Support for NEXUS standard class 1 to 3+
6 MDO pins
Branch Trace Messages
Data Read/Write Messages
Ownership Trace Messages, Watchpoint Trace Messages
Trace Enable Filter, Trace ON/OFF
Trace Trigger
Up to 4 GByte trace memory
Performance analysis
Trace-based debugging (CTS)
Code coverage
Support for
 AT32UC3A0128, AT32UC3A0256, AT32UC3A0512, AT32UC3A1128, AT32UC3A1256, AT32UC3A1512, AT32UC3A3128, AT32UC3A3128S, AT32UC3A3256, AT32UC3A3256S, AT32UC3A364, AT32UC3A364S, AT32UC3A4128, AT32UC3A4128S, AT32UC3A4256, AT32UC3A4256S, AT32UC3A464, AT32UC3A464S, AT32UC3B0128, AT32UC3B0256, AT32UC3B0512, AT32UC3B064, AT32UC3B1128, AT32UC3B1256, AT32UC3B1512, AT32UC3B164, AT32UC3C0128C, AT32UC3C0256C, AT32UC3C0512C, AT32UC3C064C, AT32UC3C1128C, AT32UC3C1256C, AT32UC3C1512C, AT32UC3C164C, AT32UC3C2128C, AT32UC3C2256C, AT32UC3C2512C, AT32UC3C264C, AT32UC3L016, AT32UC3L032, AT32UC3L064
The Lauterbach product TRACE32-PowerTrace/NEXUS supports the NEXUS standard class 1 to 3+ (depending on device features). The hardware module for the NEXUS debugger is universal and allows to interface different target processors by simply changing the NEXUS adapter and starting a new software.

Operation Voltage
Frequently Asked Questions
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Nexus Trace

Trace Storage

  • Up to 4 GByte trace memory
  • Up to 268 Million Frames
  • 10 ns or 5 ns time stamp resolution
  • Time correlation and tracking with other TRACE32 tools

IDE - Integrated Development Environment



Adaptation for NEXUS AVR32


Details and Configurations

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