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News 2022

Arm Cortex GTM
Arduino 33 BLE
Sysgo PikeOS MPU Awareness

News 2021

Manycore Multicore
Matlab Simulink
Update TQSK 3.1S
Support for UPDI
Infineon TC4x Support
Arm SMMU Support
Armv9 core support
Trace-based Debugging
Support for Tessent Analytics
Support of i.MX RT500 from NXP®
Support of Armv9
Collaboration with Percepio

News 2020

Xtensa off-chip
RISC-V UltraSoC Trace
SAE Project
SAFERTOS v8 Wittenstein
RISC-V Nexus SiFive Trace
JTAG Switcher
RLM Cloud
arm neoverse
TI C7000
AURIX Tricore

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