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Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn, 19-Apr-2021


Lauterbach Offers Full Debug Support for Armv9

Lauterbach announces full debug and trace support for the Arm®v9 architecture.

The Armv9 architecture is the successor to Armv8, which introduced 64bit computing to the Arm platform. Armv9 will deliver greater performance, enhanced security and digital signal processing (DSP) and machine learning (ML) capabilities for the next generation of Arm-based chips.

Says Norbert Weiss, Managing Directory Lauterbach GmbH, “Lauterbach have always worked very closely with Arm and this relationship has allowed us to consistently provide high quality tools, often before the first silicon is available. By adding support for the upcoming Armv9 architecture, Lauterbach is re-affirming their commitment to ongoing support for all Arm Cortex® cores.”

The Armv9 support is now available and will also be available to existing Armv8 customers via a software update.

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Cortex-A/-R Armv9 Debugger

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