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Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn, 20-Apr-2020

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Enter the Neoverse with TRACE32

Lauterbach is pleased to announce support for the Arm® Neoverse processors. The TRACE32 tools support full debug and trace from the Neoverse cores, allowing developers to leverage the rich debug ecosystem. Support for Neoverse E1 and Neoverse N1 devices is available immediately from Lauterbach.

The Neoverse family is Arm’s next generation of single architecture processors that will allow a complete cloud to edge infrastructure with a very high performance per watt design. The Neoverse is based on the Armv8.2 architecture which provides an almost 30% compute efficiency over previous Arm® infrastructure CPUs whilst maintaining software interoperability. It is the full support of ArmV8 architecture features that allows Lauterbach to extend the support to this new family of devices.

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