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Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn, 10-Feb-2020

Lauterbach adds eMCOS® POSIX Awareness

Lauterbach, the world’s leading debug tool supplier, are pleased to announce the extension of their TRACE32 debug system to include support for the eMCOS POSIX Operating System from eSOL Co., Ltd. Working in close co-operation with eSOL engineers, the awareness has been initially created for Arm64 devices with plans for other architectures to follow. The eMCOS POSIX Operating System is compliant to IEEE 1003.13 PRE53 and also supports PSE51 and PSE53.

The awareness provides support for targets running single core and multiple processor (SMP) systems, where threads or tasks are dynamically scheduled across all processor cores. Simultaneous display of operating system objects is possible in TRACE32, showing eMCOS threads, eMCOS POSIX threads, and allowing full task aware debugging, including setting task aware breakpoints. TRACE32 fully supports the MMU features of eMCOS POSIX, allowing for simultaneous debugging of several dynamically loaded processes with symbols being loaded to each task, which is MMU protected from themselves and the kernel.

A demonstration running on the R-Car H3 platform is available immediately and the awareness will be available free of charge to Lauterbach customers. Says Norbert Weiss, Managing Director of Lauterbach: “This is an excellent opportunity for engineers to leverage the POSIX standard to help tame increasingly complex embedded projects. The abundance of POSIX compliant libraries and middle-ware offers greater flexibility and choice, especially for robotics and automotive systems. By offering support for this important breakthrough, Lauterbach has once again demonstrated our commitment to supporting our customers by providing the right tools at the right time in their development cycle.”

“The addition of TRACE32 to the available debugging tools for eMCOS and eMCOS POSIX will allow our customers to have more choice and reduce their development time”, says Rolland Dudemaine, Vice-President Engineering at eSOL Europe. “This will help taking advantage of well-known debug solutions, with our modern, high-performance, safety-critical RTOS”.

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