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Höhenkirchen-Siegertsbrunn, 19-Feb-2020

TRACE32® provides support for TI C7000 DSPs

Lauterbach, the world’s leading debug tools provider, are pleased to announce that their TRACE32 debug tools now include support for the new C7000 family of devices from Texas Instruments (TI). Known as the C7x, this new generation of DSPs combines the existing TI DSP and EVE cores into a single higher performance core whilst adding floating point vector calculation capabilities. It is aimed at ADAS/AV systems and is capable of operating at automotive worst-case temperature ranges.

The TRACE32 tools will support the C7x devices in single and multi-core systems and it is expected that these devices will appear coupled with Arm® Cortex® cores, with TRACE32 able to offer heterogenous debug support for all cores in such a system. In addition to providing a standard JTAG debug interface, the C7x has a trace interface which is Arm® CoreSight™ compliant allowing trace data can be saved to dedicated on-chip trace memory, sent to debug tools via an off-chip trace port, or streamed to the host PC. The trace data can be used to assist program debugging, runtime analysis, or to generate code coverage reports to aid safety certification of the application.

Says Norbert Weiss, Managing Director of Lauterbach: “We are seeing some exciting innovations with devices aimed at the Driver Assistance and Autonomous Vehicle arenas. Our customers continually rely upon us to provide high quality tools at the start of their projects, often as the silicon becomes available, and this is another such instance. When industry leaders collaborate, it can only be good for our customers, allowing them to get their products to market more quickly and with significantly higher quality.”

Full debug support will be available to Lauterbach customers from the beginning of February 2020 with full trace support to follow by the beginning of April 2020.

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